Friendships will never seem the same once getting aquainted with the most unlikely pair of characters to ever meet in a place that not even they themselves would have thought possible―purgatory!

Razmus and Juniper must come to terms with their life and afterlife experiences, which will determine their final destination―the Infernos or Heavenbound. Only, they are thrown together into an unexpected afterlife situation that will bring an extraordinary change in each of them, while battling to rack up points in order to gain: immaculate white robe and wings―or little red suit, tail and horns. All is humorously presented in a chase between them to undermine one another―pledging that loser recruits to the other side!

To evade such defeat, both attempt to earn either the admiration of the Infernos or Celestial approval. Whereas Razmus doesn’t miss a moment in trying to convince Juniper he’s working for the wrong side, Juniper as analyst tries to analyze Razmus’ "bad" behavior that began with Adam and Eve. He tries to comprehend just "why” it’s so important to be “bad”. So, in the meantime, Razmus continues in his escapades, nurturing his black ambitions and aura. One of his worst attemps is to steer maneuvering the Kismet, a luxurious cruise ship, into the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. “Instant souls!” he calls the act in which its passengers wouldn’t have even a moment to redeem themselves before meeting again their Maker.

This short story is about two souls encountering obstacles when endeavoring to achieve their personal goals. Personal preferences and beliefs, principles and ego influence their every choice, connivance and destiny. Their adventure is almost like a glimpse, through a perennial window, at the disputes or battles between Heaven, Earth and Hell...or between angel, earthling and devil. Perhaps the average person―well―wonders if they (angel and devils) truly exist. Is it all a figment of our imagination (our guardian angels)? Maybe this story reveals the humdrum daily experiences of the average angel or... devil, through humor and laughter.

In any case, just about everyone has asked himself or herself, “devils and angels? Bah!” Are they really eternal ties to our “possible” afterlife? Or, maybe they’re just a desperate cry for celestial intervention...or a duped accomplice in terrestrial devilish deeds? Whatever anyone thinks, the thought and a moment of reflection are both worth a good laugh too. I think... even Razmus and Juniper would agree.

From: Razmus and Juniper, by Barbara Lois Hurt, 2012