Field Work gathers the work of eight contemporary artists who have anchored their practice in a deep examination of the mechanics of history. Through their work, they find themselves looking back, both at their own past and at 'the past' in general, engaging in storytelling, or perhaps more specifically, in history-telling.

The works selected for this exhibition often rely on retrospective, historiographical strategies, acts of excavation, collection or preservation, and a manifest interest in archaeological methodologies. Through the recovery and analysis of material effects such as the archive and the document, and immaterial effects such as the testimony, Field Work will present a chronicle of the artists' own readings.

Exhibited artists: Rita Alaoui (b. 1972, Morocco), Theo Eshetu (b. 1958, United Kingdom), Katia Kameli (b. 1973, France), Youssef Limoud (b. 1964, Egypt), Kitso Lynn Lelliott (b. 1984, Botswana), Abraham Oghobase (b. 1979, Nigeria), Thierry Oussou (b. 1988, Benin) and Robel Temesgen (b. 1987, Ethiopia).