How more satisfying it is if we can achieve a nonverbal way of communication, mindreading that is truly efficient and not just in theory. Hence, we can communicate without having to explains things that language cannot convey. We can just directly understand the curves, the intricate details lurking in a vast ornamented mind. A mind that is a piece of art crafted with sophistication, details that you can never ever communicate through a language. It is something that you cannot describe, it is a network of ideas, of imagination, an ever-expanding limitless world.

How many times I find it so challenging to just talk, to communicate or explain what I want to say and what I want people to understand and what I want people to know, to express this endless flow of magical existence within this physicality I am enshrined in. Even when I am thinking, I just cannot describe my own ideas to myself. It is as if you are trying to confine a whole river in a tiny little hose, no matter how much you try, nothing will go through except how much the hose can transfer. So, every idea communicated is nothing but a fragment of where it comes from, an infinite source. It is but a small sample of a vastness that can never be contained in anything physical including the physicality of a vocal communication or language.

You look at the stars so far away and then you look within yourself, you find they belong to a world so small compared to your inner vastness. We propagate from a vastness bigger than the world itself, as if we are each a whole world living all in one world. Because we cannot be contained anywhere else, we come down to this physicality that is but a threshold to a magical world. This is how limited and narrow our communication is, it limits and shapes a world of infinity that cannot be contained in a very small container. We are all fragments of who we truly are within. The way we see ourselves and each other in terms of tangible beings is nothing compared to what we really are, to what lies within us.

With every season, every cycle and every day we live we only shed a bit of our inner selves. Yet, no matter how long we live, we will only have shed very little of this vastness. We diffuse a small fragment of what we truly are through our daily existence. Genius people are genius because they find untraveled paths and unconventional ways to diffuse as much of this vastness as they can. They find each and every way within their conscious capacity to diffuse this energy and let it out. That’s why they shine, this is why few people shine, because they bring the light from within. The more you can bring out, the lighter and stronger you will shine and no one can avoid your glow. It is all a matter of finding the ways.

So, this is the challenge that life is all about, to find the ways for a total existence that no one has ever reached. Yet, the means are very simple, the means are nothing concrete, they are not about money, resources, power or potential. Through the simplest means, we can bring out the biggest part of our inner selves. So, this is the mission, this is the game, to find the way within. And, that is why they have created a society, to tame us from this wilderness of unfathomable potential, of this vastness that is so big. They have tamed it well enough shutting the doors to what lies within. Humanity has stopped at some point from encouraging this vastness of light to be emitted and limited our existence to what we know today. They shut the doors because this greatness within scares them. They are terrified of what might be there, the unknown, the limitless world of possibilities. These possibilities pose a great danger towards this structured system they worked hard for. To preserve it, the doors must be shut. It is like when an artist crafts a magnificent masterpiece and decides to ban all the doors of art to prevent anyone else from creating something more beautiful. This social construct was their masterpiece in a fleeting moment of infinite possibilities, from then on they have imprisoned all existence within this fleeting moment. This masterpiece of theirs is so vulnerable that the smallest light from these forgotten doors will shatter it beyond remembrance, it won’t even last as a memory. It will be extinguished to the very roots.

The small space of resistance to all this is where we are suspended. In this little space of resistance between what is limitless and what is so limited. This is where we are strangled. We knew and we will always know that there are doors shut for purposes against our growth, our full being and full existence. Everyone is struggling to find the door and open it, to let the light flow, to let it be, to surrender to a beautiful and borderless mind ornamented with endless possibilities.

We are progressing in a very narrow and tight part of our existence. No matter how long we go on and how advanced we become, it will always remain within a small part of a vaster world. Like the cell on a skin, which believes that it is in a world of its own, yet is just a cell on a skin of a wider being, and that wider being is a cell on a skin of an even bigger being, and this spiral goes on and on in never ending circles from one being to another. Yet, this never-ending spiral is also a small part of bigger vastness. How ironic and sad when we brag about how we are free and feel proud of ourselves. The freedom we think we have in in this tiniest of worlds is nothing but an ironic imprisonment within a wider existence we have forgotten about and disconnected from long ago. We, as physical beings, are the bars of this prison we are so proud of. Are we to ever realize that these long closed doors are within our reach waiting to be opened?

We are literally nothing in a vast nothingness. The clothes we wear, jewelry, make-up, luxury, titles, knowledge, power, money, institutions and all what we seek to feel big and important is but a mere illusion to distract us from finding the way out of this imprisonment. We are just a tiny cell proud of itself not knowing that it will be dust in no time, in no time at all. Yet, its life will be endowed to a meta-being. This cell does not even know that it is keeping a different wholeness alive thriving. And this wholeness itself is giving life to an even bigger wholeness that is also thriving. Yet, this thrive is the question mark and the driving force. All what we believe is driving us is actually driven by us, and this is another aspect of a suspended existence, swinging back and forth between the thrive itself and the life it contains.