I have always loved the idea of a bigger picture, and that the universe is full of mysteries and answers. I believe that the key to recognizing and accepting these is to simply be open. I have always kept an open heart and mind, and as I grow, I have started appreciating interactions, no matter how minor or brief. These mysterious moments seem to arrive at precisely the right place and time in my life.

Simple things like a kind word from a stranger on a frustrating day, or a laugh with the person seated next to you in the waiting room, can be just what you need. No matter how casual or in-depth your conversation, there may be a reason why you were in the same place at the same time. Perhaps they needed to hear what you had to say -- perhaps your smile provided them with something of value.

When you look at life on a big scale, it can truly feel beautiful and connected.

Reasons We Intersect

I firmly believe that there is purpose to being seated next to a particular person on an airplane, or bumping into someone from your past at an unexpected moment. If you look for meaning in these interactions, you will find a certain level of fulfilment. Why? From my experience, here are some reasons for these kismet meetings:

-To teach us something. The week I learned my husband was deploying, I was seated next to a soldier on a flight returning from deployment. He shared his deployment experience, calmed my nerves, and answered my questions. That meeting was meant to be.
-To fulfill a need. During a period of sadness, I began questioning certain elements of my life. While out with girlfriends at karaoke, we met others who also enjoyed singing, acting silly and entertaining, and we became fast friends. Connecting with strangers and making music together reminded me that joy and spontaneity were just around the corner -- I just had to be open to it.
-To remind of us what’s important. Our lives can be stressful and we sometimes feel we are running on a hamster wheel. I have had more than one interaction with a senior citizen who has shared with me what she would do differently if she had it to do over again. Instead of nodding and continuing to go through the motions, I take the advice to heart. I stop and enjoy the present and focus on what is truly important.
-To provide a message. On my last flight home after my nostalgic high school reunion, I was seated next to a man who quickly connected with me. We laughed the first 30 minutes of our flight, and this lighthearted and carefree interaction was the perfect capstone to my playful “teenage” weekend. Once we got to talking seriously he said, “I don’t know why I keep talking or why I’m compelled to tell you this, but I can sense that you are about to embark on a great adventure in your life -- this is just the start.” In my experience, when people start talking like that, I encourage them to continue, and I listen.
-To connect. I have recently met people with whom I instantly connected. It was as though we had been friends for years, not days. There is something familiar, comforting and close about them, and even if a brief interaction, I smile knowing that there are others like me out there.
-To inspire. I have recently met people who have encouraged me to write, laugh, travel, feed my soul, honor who I truly am and make the most of my journey. Their inspiration is thrilling and oftentimes, I find that I also light a fire within them as well. It is always important to find those who encourage and support you to be the best and happiest version of yourself.

The next time you have an interaction with someone who seems wise, connected, or even too good to be true, hold onto that. There is purpose. Enjoy the peaceful beauty that you two have met for the right reasons at exactly the right time. Be open and enjoy the connected adventure.