In Isabel Muñoz. Platinotipias, the last winner of the Spanish National Photography Award introduces to us a selection of her most representative series. Master of the frame and able to show the most beautiful spirit of what she portrays, each of her series is the result of the fieldwork and immersion in the cultures she explores. In N2 Gallery you can see the series Flamenco (1989), Tango (1989), Cuban Dance (1995), Turkish Wrestling (1996), Ethiopia (2002-2003), Maras (2006), Dance Mevlevi (2011), Primates (2013-2015), Thaipusam (2016) and Metamorphosis (2016).

One of the specificities of this exhibition is the starring role of platinum. The technique of the platinotype used by the artist is a meticulous process that gives the images a unique tonal richness, texture and durability. All photos are large format contacts, made by Isabel directly from the negative. Isabel prepares the paper herself by applying a solution of platinum, as if they were paint strokes. Negatives, which must have the same size as the final photograph (60 x 80 cm), are placed in direct contact with paper already prepared under a large contact press. Thus it obtains monochrome copies by contact with materials sensitized with salts of platinum and iron, after a development with oxalato.

Once the process is finished, the images are washed out and washed in large cells. The platinotype, which is usually hidden behind the photo, reflects the gesture of the artist and is revealed here as the subject of the work itself, as well as the handmade papers chosen to give more materiality to photography. In addition to the durability and tonal richness that this technique ensures, the platinum-colored brushstroke, applied by the photographer herself on paper, makes each copy unique.