Peter Blum Gallery is pleased to announce After the Fall, on view at 20 West 57th Street, New York. There will be an opening reception on Friday, October 27 from 6 to 8 pm. The exhibition runs through November 27.

After the Fall will be the last exhibition at 20 West 57th Street. Meanwhile the Gallery has relocated downtown to 176 Grand Street. The gallery building at 57th Street is set to be torn down and replaced by another oversized skyscraper. The capitalistic trend toward bigger and better washes away layers of history in the service of progress. But moments of disruption can also activate ideas and expand their marketplace; different voices can be heard, and the currents of change can be considered and debated. This exhibition aims to create an opportunity for this conversation.

Political cycles often emphasize change, either pushing toward a better future or calling for the revival of a better past. The works in this exhibition remain in the present moment. In this spirit, After the Fall may be read within the context of our current presidency, whose personal residence is around the corner from the gallery. Other analogs can be made as well, such as to the powerful play by Arthur Miller. The 14 participating artists come from different backgrounds and generations. The sculptures, paintings, photographs, and works on paper span from the early 20th Century to today.