Usugrow’s background since 1993 in creating punk rock flyers, as well as influence from tattoo culture and the Los Angeles ‘Cholo’ graffiti style, skillfully oppose the delicate lines and details of his work in ‘Garden’, resulting in a harmonious balance of elements.The title of the show is inspired by the view of his small garden, creating the concept from the people, things and words that can be seen in there.

With punk culture embedded in his roots, like the flowering ink of his arm tattoos, ‘Garden’ flourishes into a engaging contrast of death and life.

Usugrow’s unique lettering style, influenced by Asian calligraphy, is also recognisably infused into this new series of works. The stunning hand rendered compositions of his classic colour palette of black and white is expertly used to create his classic skulls and flowers imagery, in ink, pencil, as well as using the stippling technique.

We are delighted to have Usugrow presenting this new body of work at StolenSpace with his ‘Garden’ promising to be a entrancing experience.