In recent months, there have been countless stories of sexual misconduct and harassment, with hundreds of women courageously coming forward and inspiring the #metoo movement, among others. The art world is also confronting these issues. It is no surprise that women artists have struggled to receive the credit and recognition they deserve, allowing their art to speak for itself without gender barriers.

In every art historical movement engaging with Abstraction, female artists have been at the forefront, side by side with men, yet our cultural institutions have canonized the latter, causing a great number of women to be forgotten or left in the shadows. Even after the gender issue in the arts began to be addressed by the feminist movement after 1968, many women artists were not given the chance to prove their creative worth.

At Cecilia de Torres, Ltd. our team is comprised mostly of women, and we feel it especially important to participate in the conversation bridging the gender gap by showcasing a selection of works by seven Latin American women artists working within the field of Abstraction: Inés Bancalari, Lidya Buzio, Marta Chilindron, María Freire, Gego, Sarah Grilo, and Amalia Nieto.

These artists are prime examples of women working within modern and contemporary art, without being limited by gender boundaries. Their rich, bold and creatively independent artwork showcases each artist’s unique engagement with Abstraction.