Maschera di Ferro Festival

On October 1st through October 2nd, 2011, the streets of Pinerolo will reenact the story of The Man in the Iron Mask; on the event's last day, the mask will be removed and the man behind will be revealed, as every year is played by different actors


The streets of Pinerolo, a small town southwest of Torino, Piedmont, Italy, will be filled with actors in period costumes reenacting the story of Maschera di Ferro, also known as The Man in the Iron Mask. A procession of participants and actors will move through the street of Pinerolo on Saturday evening; the evening will include entertainment and dances.

Sunday afternoon the story will be acted out and the mask will be removed to reveal the identity of The Man in the Iron Mask; every year this part is played by a different actor.

The Maschera di Ferro Festival is not just an unusual and fun event, but also an opportunity to visit a historic town off the beaten tourist path.