In 1961, the late US President John F. Kennedy declared to put an American on the surface of the moon by the end of the decade. His dream was fulfilled when Mr. Armstrong stepped out of the lunar lander in July 21st, 1969.

Kipp Teague, NASA network administrator, has created the Apollo Archive in 1999, which contains high-resolution scans of the negatives of the lunar landing taken by Apollo astronauts. In 2012, NASA announced the Project Gemini Online Digital Archive, a collection of photos scanned from the original mission flight films, providing another look at US space exploration.

The lunar pictures were taken on classic medium-format Hasselblad film cameras, providing detailed insight into the missions. The NASA photos document all aspects of the lunar landing mission, from the surface of the moon to the more intimate moments inside the lander, including snapshots of footprints left behind on the moon, pictures of the astronauts planting the US flag and hopping around in the low gravity environment.