Mosul, Aleppo, Palmyra, and Leptis Magna: the names resonate as symbols of a mythical ancient heritage and of brilliant civilizations, but also as so many martyred sites, disfigured by recent conflicts and the madness of a few fanatics.

Developed in collaboration with the start-up Iconem, in partnership with UNESCO and Ubisoft, the exhibition combines giant-screen projections, virtual reality experiences, archival documents and images, as well as videos and testimonials from local populations.

It invites visitors on a journey through space and time: into the glorious history of these places, into a recent past marked by destruction, and into a future that the prospect of rehabilitation allows us to imagine with hope.

The aim of the exhibition is to immerse the public in the splendors of these major centers of world heritage, but also to raise awareness about the stakes involved in preserving and protecting these precious and fragile riches.