Imagine there is no heaven …

Only Sky above us. No RT, no Syriza, the world is all as one. Imagine all the people living for today.. aha.. you may think I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one whose dream turned into nightmare once I opened my eyes. Here, in a pedestrian sphere of reality, life at its best is a grotesque, if you are lucky enough not to be born into the wast cast of untouchables, working class people around the world. Then life is a hardship, there are steps to be followed and each of us is expected to fully “understand” the rules and mathematics given to us in the small prints of globalisation policies which affect us directly, some of them threatening to eradicate what's left of our freedom, our identity, our individual, social or national sovereignty, while other hold unpredictable risks to our very existence.

Imagine there is no countries …

TTIP – The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is one of those prints of today that's being written throughout series of mostly secret negotiations between EU and US. The purpose of this agreement is to remove regulatory obstacles in order to enable global corporations to trade more efficiently, but the main goal is to allow US companies to conquer the strategic businesses of Europe's health, education and water services. PrivatiZing, privatiZing, privatiZing!!!

Imagine TTIP is signed and corporations run the world. No, I am not referring to the past and HEIC – London based Honourable East India Company with private armies, controlling the entire country of India, administratively, economically and militarily. I am thinking of tomorrow.

Being major danger for democracy today, TTIP contains, in small prints, Investor – State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) clause, allowing companies to sue governments if governments' policies, hypothetically, cause a loss of a company's future profit, the one that is imagined.

ISDSs are already in place in other bi-lateral trade agreements around the world and have led to such injustices as in Germany where Swedish energy company Vattenfall is suing the German government for billions of dollars over its decision to phase out nuclear power plants in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Here we see a public health policy put into place by a democratically elected government being threatened by an energy giant because of a potential loss of profit. Nothing could be more cynically anti-democratic.
There are around 500 similar cases of businesses versus nations going on around the world at the moment and they are all taking place before ‘arbitration tribunals’ made up of corporate lawyers appointed on an ad hoc basis, which according to War on Want’s John Hilary, are “little more than kangaroo courts” with “a vested interest in ruling in favour of business”. - Lee Williams, The Independent, 7th October 2014.

By all means, the treaty is a trojan horse to our way of life. For the existing European food regulations the treaty could be disastrous as EU would have to lower its health&food standards in order to accommodate new investors determined to feed us with chicken washed in chlorine.

There is a fierce battle between the European technocrats from European commission, with the new commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom, on one side and NGOs, accompanied by left wingers of Europe on the other. Recent dramatic events regarding Greek new anti austerity government threatening to undermine the very basic principles of global financing as well as war in Ukraine, averted attention of fellow Europeans from this burning issue, providing a curtain for secrecy to the authors of the treaty that some commentators described as the creators of an economic NATO.

The TTIP mirrors the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) currently being negotiated between the US and 12 Pacific Rim countries, including Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Singapore and Vietnam. Both are heralded as potentially providing greater global prosperity and, in the case of the TTIP, rescuing Europe from a deepening recession. If negotiations are successful, the TTIP would create the largest regional free-trade agreement in history.
In reality, however, the TTIP and TPP are part of the US-led offensive against China and Russia which is to be paid for by working people across the globe.
Just as the TPP is the economic equivalent of the Obama administration’s “pivot to Asia”, aimed at militarily encircling China, the TTIP accompanies US and EU provocations against Russia, including the build-up of NATO forces along its border”. - writes Julie Hyland on World Socialist Web Side, 15 January 2015.

Imagine no possessions... I wonder if I can

TTIP is signed - near future.

The big war is behind us, at least half of the world population perished in it. After the war, a decade of riots and anarchy around the globe followed.The anarchy is brought under control by a joint effort of security agencies across the international community, after The New Bill of Rights was jointly signed by all 11 UN member states. Finally, the world is all as one. We live in a new era, liberated from the banalities of life. The agencies (private one of course) are handling all our affairs, like informing us of food stocks at which we can purchase with our yellow, or blue, or red badge, or advising us how large our accommodation unit should be, in accordance with the monthly amount of points we have on our ration. All directions are given to us through the announcement centres allocated across the city.

UNCSA (UN commission for security affairs)
The Announcement

Once the curfew is over, the employed Europeans are strongly advised to move from a larger to a smaller personal unit within so called safety zone of their sheltered cities, where they are to be protected by private security agency Kill&Bill. Those whose insurance policies are under revision are advised not to leave personal unit as government can not guarantee their safety.
Rations, according to the Central European Bank, will be rapidly shrinking in months and years to come, due to increasing government costs for citizens protection from wild, destitute humans, excluded from healthy society by the New Bill of Rights.

The wild people, inhabiting large areas outside safety zone, possess criminal minds which, according to the Kill&Bill funded INDS (Institute for Neurology&Democratic Studies), can not be altered. Therefore, NIPP (no insurance policy people) are considered to be cancerous elements of our western civilisation, posing a threat to our health. As such, they need to be obliterated.”

There is music coming out of the wall of our fallout shelter. It's a new song by a young author, otherwise holder of a comprehensive life insurance policy, Kiril Dzajkovski – Imagine