Shall I not start by quoting ‘Buddha’ founder of one of the most pious religion on this planet?
Peace comes from within, do not seek without”.

Many Buddhist believe that world peace can only be achieved when we first establish peace within our mind and action. Or maybe I should quote James Freeman Clarke: “The Buddhists have founded no inquisition; they have combined the zeal which converted Kingdoms with toleration almost unable to explain to our western experience”. These quotes and statements by world personalities are just a small part of this enigmatic religion. Talking on this one should seek a more humanitarian approach toward the former – Regarding the fate of Arakan State and Rohingya people – The people of Rohingya community should also think on a more humanitarian approach – more than me.

Buddhism and Dr. B. R Ambedkar – An intimate relation?

This is worth thinking that, what had turned Dr. B.R Ambedkar converts him to this pious religion called Buddhism. In case, it is my duty to remind you that the most versatile religion – Hinduism – is divided between four classes – Four Varnas – Which the clergy called the Varna System. In Manusmriti, the law giver MANU stated and ordered the society to bind itself in the system of Varna, forever and ever. This notion of Varna System, however, in the long passage of time had created many controversies which many world leaders vomit in the face of the polite. To them, Varna System is a curse on society of the Indian Subcontinent. Out of these leaders (Men of Reason) Dr. B.R Ambedkar, on the whole continent considers to be the most versatile and enigmatic for illuminating the harsh realities of Varna System.

Quoting him Ambedkar believed that conversion of religion to give social justice in the name Buddha religion and he observed that Buddhism is the best way to be adopted to promote peaceful social livelihood which according to him, Hinduism was failing to promote in the pre-Indian Independence era. To quote him: “By discarding my ancient religion which stood for inequality and oppression today I am reborn, I have no faith in the philosophy of incarnation; and it is wrong and mischievous to say that Buddha was an incarnation of Vishnu. I am no more a devotee of any Hindu god or goddess. I will not perform Shrardha. I will strictly follow the eighty-fold path of Buddha. Buddhism is a true religion and I will lead a life guided by the three principles of knowledge, right path and compassion”. I am actually stuck on the point “to promote peaceful social livelihood” According to Ambedkar one should immediately convert to same religion (Buddhism), because it is the one and only valid reason to promote peace and equality.

Is Buddhism Really Tolerant?

‘Tolerance’ which I just noticed about, is the “sequence of action to tolerate an individual or a group, while the mind disallowing” Is this true? Everyone have their own perspectives, but when facts and knowledge are before you crying and telling their harsh realities. It becomes impossible to create different perspective unless you have mastery in diplomatic tone. No one can deny that the teachings of ‘Buddha’ are designed to put an end to the irrelevant and depressing activities which are engulfing the world in his period. Enlightened in the land of ‘Phalgun’ river this personality while not caring about himself and his relations started to turn the world into a ‘Bodhgaya’ of Peace and Tolerance. Peace this seeks not only the order of social co-existence, but also of Political, Cultural and Economic structures. Dr. B.R Ambedkar in the footsteps of Buddha absolutely succeeds in rooting out the violence and class discrimination in the Indian Subcontinent. Hence, this is justifiable to say that Buddhism subjectively promoted world peace in the form of world leaders and monks. Subjectively because this practice of promoting peace is now in a shallow situation failing to provide a more egalitarian society in some Eastern nations on the world map.

If Ambedkar lived today, will he consider converting?

I wonder, will he? Of course he will not. This is justifiable that if Ambedkar lived today he would cry foul after watching with his naked eyes, the atrocities in some particular eastern regions which are engulfing whole ethnic groups, imposing irrelevant laws on them and making them feel alienated in their own land. I am confident that if Mr. Ambedkar lived today, watching all this havoc – he would have demanded the same rights and egalitarian behaviour in the state of Myanmar. I will definitely not criticise any specific community here in ‘this’ part of article but yes, there is definitely a need for a more humanitarian approach and there is also a need that majority should seek to recall and practice what ‘Buddha’ preached them and I strongly believe that humanity in Majority and it’s preaching will root out the ethnic differences which are erupting in Myanmar regarding the cause of Rohingya. It is justifiable that Ambedkar would have not considered converting to Buddhism till the atrocities would not come in control by the Government of Myanmar. Anyone who is reading this piece of request will be thinking of the term – Rohingya. It is my duty, not to create paradoxes here and it is my honour to make each individual understand – Who is a Rohingya?

Who is a Rohingya?

Stateless citizen? Or to quote United Nations - “The most depressed and avoided community on the planet earth” or to quote Amnesty International – “The Rohingya freedom of movement is surely restricted and the vast majority of them have effectively been denied Burmese citizenship they are also subjected to various forms of extortion and arbitrary taxation, land confiscation, forced eviction and house construction with financial restrictions on marriage” Amnesty International, 2004.

Subjected to various kinds of atrocities since 1942 this passage of statelessness and a feeling of Alienation in their homeland is what had ruined each member of Rohingya community. Suffering on different lands, there are only few people who are concerned for the latter. However, this is surprising to note that – India which heads the south Asian subcontinent as a ‘Big Brother’ failing to pressurise the Myanmar government but India is nowhere slow in accepting the migration of the Rohingya people to the same. Recent meet in Oslo, Norway witnessed various star cast and Nobel Laureates pressurising the Myanmar government to promote peace and take action toward the rehabilitation of the community while famous Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi, carefully choosing her role by not indulging in these pressure activities. Critics also stating that she is choosing carefully because she has Presidential ambitions.

In this passage of time, the Myanmar Government failed to recognise their citizens and forcing them to bind themselves to irrelevant citizenship laws. It is practiced to this extent that the Majority rule blooming fresh atrocities against the minority communities especially the Rohingya community of the state of Arakan (Formerly – Rakhine) with Christians from Chin and Kachin minorities. This hatred from the majority erupted in the pre-UN era around 1942 while keeping itself more penetrating in the span of 1989 to 1995 and finally turned in to open Genocide in 2012 but the majority uses to oppose this timeline. In a region like South Asia – where India acts as a ‘Big Brother’ and Pakistan as ‘Community Criers’ these atrocities are taking place without consent or prior warnings. “World is avoiding us, Media is turning its back on us and neighbours are discarding our cause” [Depressed Rohingya Migrant].

This is to be stressed here that – What changes, the so called ‘Masters of Peace’ majority is seeking in their country? And is this what ‘Peace’ taught them? For a more prosperous world, this is really requested before the majority of the nation to seek prosperity not hatred. It is also should be practiced from our side too, leniency towards others and to make this world a better place to live for younger generations. I will end by quoting Muhammad: “The nations that lived before you were destroyed by Allah because they punished the common man for their offences and let their dignitaries go unpunished for their crimes; I swear by HIM who hold my life in His hand that even if Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, had committed this crime, I would have amputated her hand”.