In 1980 when his parents saw “Fares” for the first time they didn’t have an idea that this boy will be a successful business man, who would change their lives and support the whole family.

After finishing his education in Jordan this Middle Eastern man started to show more interest in business than in his computing degree, but he didn’t imagine that the west side of this world will be the next step in his life. California was the beginning of his story and precisely in Sacramento; where he started looking for a job. While finalizing his immigration requirements, he was thinking of how different this ‘new’ culture is and the first days were full of new observations and surprising facts. He mentioned on the first day while his wife picked him up from the airport; they passed by a gas station to get some snacks. He entered a small shop in the gas station, picked up some items and proceeded directly to the cashier. Oblivious to the two customers standing in a line! He passed them and talked directly to the merchant asking "how much is that?"… That’s when he noticed these customers getting mad and asking him to stay in the line! They didn’t know that in small local shops, where he grew up, that there is usually no queues! He smiled, apologized and got into the queue. He was also clever and diplomatic and managed to quickly pick up subtle cultural differences and understand that there will be more complicated cultural situations that would require quick thinking and an ‘open-mind’ in order to succeed.

Teaching in colleges proved to be a good start and assisted him in understanding the American culture in a better way. However, it was financially not satisfying even with the addition of some community and volunteer work. Fares was adamant that he would open his own business some day and in 2007; he opened his first company CCNPlus, Inc., (short for Computer Consulting Network Plus), in parallel with his work as an instructor. The company that costs him less than a thousand dollar generated more than 10 million’s dollar in business projects in the first three years. With big government IT consulting projects he moved from being an employee to an employer, from being worried about his annual report and pay rate increase to managing his employees’ salaries and bonuses, and hiring talented students from colleges… his dream became true!

Fares received an award as Premier Employer in 2012. What makes his company different, in his own words, is that he ‘manages it with a mixed cultural approach’. He sends gifts to his employees on all major religious occasions; Easter, Christmas and Muslim religious occasions. He sends his contractors a ‘jump start’ cheque, after they sign the contract and even before they start the work; in order to motivate them! He never liked being greedy and prefers to share his success with others!

The different culture didn’t stop “Fares” from becoming a successful business man in the US; and he opened his second company, Network And Data Accessories, in 2011 with a passion for growth and international expansion. His second company was started up with less than $1,000 to generate more than a million dollars in the first two years. His Success trip continues with international flavor when he moved back to Jordan to cycle his cash in the real state sector in Jordan, Transportation and to invest in Gold. He has also completed his Master degree in the Enterprise System Engineering with the German-Jordan University and is pursuing a PhD in HealthCare Enterprise System Engineering.

According to Fares Omari “cultural differences will never prevent a person from becoming successful in the business world, as long as you respect other people’s culture and believe in implementing positive methods of deliver and introduce your cultural differences”.