“Every era witnesses great people and great definitions.” This is what I think and reflect upon. In the pursuit of innovating political definitions—which are actually needed to analyze the comportment of multiple politically motivated state phenomenon, such as: elections, riots, social foundations, protests, terrorism (state sponsored or natural) and civil strife—we also need to further develop more definitions which could be appropriated to the world agendas taking place right before our eyes.

Nowadays, the states are going through great amounts of strife. Instead of being ignored, they must be acknowledged to keep the state in a stable position. These political phenomenons, taking place all over the world, and their consequences are effecting the lives of almost every person on earth. To counter this question—the origin of this disagreement—I want to introduce a new definition, or I should quote “A new era of Soft Fundamentalism,” which will act as a counter-system to target the loophole, one that is effecting the whole system like a poisonous bug.

‘Soft Fundamentalism’ is a crucial tool to root out ignorance within a society or a particular state. ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ is a way to develop knowledge, advice and perception of an individual and imposing that ‘True’ theory on the antagonist, where its opponent is either ignorant or lacks emotional stability. An individual using ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ can manipulate their opponent in a number of ways. This way of using ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ gives rise to its subcategory (or I should say its ‘branch’) which is called ‘Positive Fundamentalism.’ A person (say – PF) believing in ‘Positive Fundamentalism’ uses its knowledge and perfect perception, further manipulates their opponent in a number of ways (say – O). By manipulation, it means that the individual (say – PF) has to bypass the limited perception of available knowledge and converts it in a plethora of factual knowledge before their opponent (Say – O).

Being a ‘Soft Fundamentalist’ is far more difficult than being a ‘Just Fundamentalist’. A ‘Just Fundamentalist’ could be aided by knowledge; but, while being debated, could fail to tolerate the information when their sentiments are attacked. In this way, a ‘Just Fundamentalist’ could prove to be a dangerous counterpart or opponent in a politically motivated phenomenon—where their arguments could be of any type, such as: protest, strife–civil or natural, riots and, even, war. As we have seen there are a number of wars and riots which takes place upon some stupid ‘Just Fundamentalist’ causes.

For example: in the Iraq war we have seen Western powers wasting all their economical assets and troops to fail and destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). However, after all of the mess, which this alliance had created, the same powers end up apologizing of having fallacious or misguided information. Imagine, a state having a $611 Billion Defense and Military budget that failed to trace Weapons of Mass Destruction with all its technology and drones. These are some causes of believing in theories of ‘Just Fundamentalism,’ where the former’s subjects believe in ‘Just Fundamentalist’ theories and attacks, the latter’s subjects are either ignorant or lack equal power to retaliate.

In contrast to ‘Just Fundamentalism’ the new era of ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ could prove to root out almost every difference which can cause damage to any individual or even a whole state. Believing in this Political Phenomenon is like illuminating yourself with light of knowledge, developing your standard of toleration and continuously developing factual knowledge. An individual, while having a debate or whatsoever, can use ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ to reason with the utmost power of factual knowledge. This kind of Fundamentalism is filled with knowledge of different cultures, faiths, identities, ancestries, lands, science and facts related to different faiths and cults, technology and its sustainable use.

The idea of ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ inherits a high standard of calm and tolerance towards its opponent. That is why ‘Positive Fundamentalism’ is a part of it and could be used to strengthen its parent category, which is ‘Soft Fundamentalism’. Most people will find ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ difficult because, nowadays, people have no time to prepare or educate themselves in multiple subjects. Basic moral education is provided to every person, but, it is also destroyed by cyber loopholes—immediately where the so called ‘Paid Media’ or intentionally created websites are trying to manipulate people by showing them what their ‘big lords’ wants them to show.

This is one of the main reasons worst category of Fundamentalism, known as ‘Just Fundamentalism’ is developing. In this kind of fundamentalism, the mind of an individual is being hijacked with some imprecise fundamentalist values; and after that, their leaders use their minds to create chaos all over the planet. It is done when they find out that their own baked, vague theories are being attacked from the people who are reasoning over their notions of ‘Just Theories’. Being a new theory, it could only be explained in a short time; but, when an individual becomes enlightened, then ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ is the only way to strengthen one’s core knowledge. In understanding the concept of ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ the same individual has to go through a plethora of positive information with a rightly guided attitude—in an all-inclusive attire.

The word fundamentalism can’t be detached with religion and it is the same word which is used to manipulate different political agendas all over the world. ‘Soft Fundamentalism’ is a key to improve the development of manipulating political phenomenon/agendas in a better way.

I will end here by quoting Mark Twain: “I will never let my schooling interfere with my education.”