The aviation industry, which was once almost nonexistent in the Kingdom, was able to impose as an industry key and record a remarkable performance. Established mainly around Casablanca (among 97 hectares of land reserved for the aviation sector ecosystems, 63 ha are in Nouaceur), the Moroccan aviation industry is strong with the presence of several operators among the largest in the world, such as Bombardier, EADS Boeing, Safran, Lisi Aerospace, French Le Piston, Daher, Souriau, Ratier Figeac, Eaton, Alcoa and Aerolia.

The development of diversified sectors of the aeronautical industry (wiring, mechanical, metal sheet, composite, and mechanical assembly) positioning Morocco as a destination of aerospace subcontracting and confirms the Kingdom's ability to attract leaders in this field. Therefore, this industry now generates more than 11,000 jobs and a billion dollars in revenue. This flight was initiated by the launch in April 2014 of the industrial Acceleration Plan (DAP) 2014-2020, and was reinforced in July 2015, with the signing of performance contracts by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy in order to support the deployment of four structured ecosystems: electrical-wiring, harness system (EWIS), maintenance-repair, overhaul (MRO) and engineering.

As part of the DAP, these four ecosystems should be able, by 2020, to create 23,000 new jobs, double exports in turnover, bringing it to 16 billion dirhams, and achieve local integration rate of 35% and attract 100 new players. The four ecosystems should thus raise the sector to more sustained development pillars and enter a new phase which will see the emergence of new businesses with high value and high technological content.

Agreement for the establishment of Boeing industrial ecosystem

HM King Mohammed VI chaired last September at the Royal Palace in Tangiers, the signing ceremony of a draft agreement for the establishment of a Boeing industrial ecosystem in Morocco, a structuring project that will allow the Moroccan aviation industry to improve its position significantly at the international level. The King chaired the signing ceremony of a draft agreement between the kingdom of Morocco and aircraft manufacturer "Boeing" concerning the setting up of an ecosystem for aircraft parts manufacturing. The draft agreement was inked by Moulay Hafid Elalamy and Raymond L. Conner, President of Boeing "Commercial Airplanes". The King decorated during the occasion Raymond L. Conner with the Alawite Wissam of Exceptional Rank (Grand Sash).

Boeing & Morocco agreement will make the latter world leader in aerospace technology

This major project, which is a partnership between Morocco and Boeing, the world leader in aerospace technology, will give structure to an ecosystem composed of suppliers and organize a sourcing platform based in Morocco. This ecosystem will generate an additional annual turnover from exports of one billion dollars, allow the setting up of 120 Boeing suppliers and create 8,700 new specialized jobs. To cover the training needs of its ecosystem, dedicated training programs specially designed by Boeing will be implemented. At the beginning of the ceremony, a documentary movie was screened highlighting development witnessed by the aviation sector, one of Morocco's global businesses, in recent years, as part of the Industrial Acceleration Plan, launched on April 2, 2014. The main outlines of this project, which is a strong signal to the industrial world, confirming to operators the real capabilities of Morocco, especially in the most complex and high value-added sectors. The Moroccan aviation industry has witnessed a significant growth in recent years. The sector was multiplied by 6 in 10 years and has now 121 actors. The Kingdom, which is ranked 15th in terms of investments in the aviation sector, was able to be among the few countries operating in this area. The fact that a "locomotive" ecosystem reinforces the efficiency and attractiveness of the sector, while creating a virtuous circle of prosperity within the national economy, Boeing industrial ecosystem will be a “real boost” to the aviation sector, like Renault and PSA ecosystems to the automotive industry.

Chairman of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Praised Morocco development

The President of Boeing "Commercial Airplanes" has lauded the strategic vision of Morocco King which enabled Morocco to invest in the high-tech aerospace industry. "Boeing is proud of the trusting relationship we had with Morocco and its aviation industry for nearly 50 years", he said, adding that the "Kingdom offers unique opportunities that will benefit Boeing and our extended supply chain." "We are signing a significant agreement to enable more foreign investment and development of the aerospace industry here," he noted, underlining that "we have collaborated with the government to develop an integrated industrial program of incentives to bring more Boeing suppliers to Morocco. Boeing will also be an advisor to the government's plan for a new vocational and educational training institute. This will provide a pipeline of skilled workers for the aerospace jobs of tomorrow, he affirmed.