Journey into Fragility is the latest project of italian artist Maria Rebecca Ballestra, inspired by the Arenzano Manifesto for the Earth and the Human Being, conceived and created by Massimo Morasso at Arenzano, (GE), Italy, in 2001.

The Manifesto consists of twelve statements to constructively reset the issues of the environmental crisis, and it was subscribed to by the world’s most famous poets (from Adonis and Seamus Heaney to Derek Walcott; from Bei Dao to Mario Luzi; from John Ashbery to Andrea Zanzotto, just to name a few). With Journey into Fragility the artist are developing twelve subprojects (community projects, installations, videos, and site specific projects) in twelve different places around the world, to create an open and constructive dialogue on the environment and the value of living on Earth. Each subproject involved a scientific partner and a different curator, creating a constructive venture, able to bring new technologies and solutions for the health and benefit of the Earth, independent of the economic and political situation of the host country.

Each subproject is inspired by one of the twelve statements of the Manifesto and workshops, discussions, conferences and debates are created around each topic. The entire event is documented online . Journey into Fragility will last approximately two years (February 2012 - December 2013), and will end in a comprehensive venue, to document all of its phases, to discuss the results of activities carried out in various countries, to discover the different points of view on the common resource “Earth,” to debate and to try to find new solutions and opportunities for the future.

Journey into Fragility has recently reached its halfway point. Thanks to the help, commitment and precious work of so many friends, partners and associates we have managed to carry out the first six stages of the project, reflecting on and analyzing significant aspects of global environmental issues, among which:

• Collective Memory and Environment (Abetenim Village – Ghana) in association with NKA Foundation
• Global Politics and Environment (Bern – Switzerland) in association with Kalart
• Biodiversity (Madagascar) in association with the NGO Un seme per crescere – A Seed for Growing
• Desert and Solar Energy (Abu Dhabi- UAE) in association with Total and Masdar City
• Demographic Growth and Urbanization (Fuyang- China) in association with Sunhoo Industrial Design Innovation Park
• Water recycling (Singapore) in association with NEWater

In next dates we'll deal with the six stages of the projects.
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