This is the first exhibition celebrating Michael Goedhuis’s return to New York after having re-established his gallery in London in 2011. The exhibition will coincide with Tefaf New York and Frieze.

The exhibition includes 15 new works by Chinese artists who are responding to the changing political, social and psychological landscape of China in reaction to the emergence of Trump and America’s new stance in the world.

These artists are aware of the recent maturity discernable in China’s fresh attitude to environmental issues, trade problems, globalization and the foreign policy arena.

Their reaction to Trump’s provocative posturing has provoked artists such as Wei Ligang to delineate the tension between good and evil in his black and gold works… utilizing the historically symbolic relevance of these colours.

Chinese ink art is the embodiment of the fusion between classical Chinese civilization and its contemporary expression and Chinese ink artists have been described by Britta Erikson, the leading authority in the field, as the most “idealistic and intellectually daring of all Chinese artists working today”.

Goedhuis was the first art-dealer in the West to identify the emergence of the real “cultural revolution” emerging in China, which is evident in film, music, theatre, design, architecture, philosophy and art and has been representing the cream of the new generation of ink artists for the last 20 years.

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