Morocco is at the heart of the euro-Mediterranean, Arab and African zones. The plural Morocco is rich thanks to its diversity, as underlined by the Constitution of the Kingdom: The Kingdom of Morocco’s unity was carved by the convergence of its Arab-Islamic, amazighe and saharo-hassanie, components enriched thanks to its African, Andalusian, Hebraic and Mediterranean tributaries.

Morocco, highly anchored in its history, profoundly attached to its roots, remains resolutely forward-looking multiplying and diversifying partnerships and agreements of free trade: EU, the United States of America, Arab world, Turkey, Russia, India, diverse African states and at the beginning of June the ECOWAS, the community of western Africa states, (possibly) with an already fruitful partnership with China.

Chinese operators opted for the city of the Detroit, to launch a large-scale project: the city Mohammed VI Tangier tech. The presentation and signature ceremony of the draft agreement for the realization of this megaproject was chaired by SM King Mohammed VI last March.

A key project by the Chinese Group HAITE and which illustrates an example of Sino-Moroccan partnership: The Choice of the city of Tangier to implant this project is not a random, The city benefits from a privileged geographical position, only 15 kilometers from Europe, benefiting from an important infrastructure, the port Tangier Med and the multiple surrounding secondary zones.

Indeed, the City of Mohammed VI Tanger Tech will be set up near the biggest Africa transfer port, the Tangier Med Port. And thus, the Tangier Med Port aimed to accompany the industrial development and export of the Mohammed VI Tanger Tech city. The project involves the existence of 200 Chinese companies operating in cars manufacturing, aircraft industry, aviation spare parts, the electronic information, textile industries, manufacturing of machines and other industries.

Morocco Phosphates office helps in the African development

The Cherifien OCP Group of Phosphates service, set up last year its OCP Africa subsidiary dedicated specifically to the creation of companies of agricultural processing and production of fertilizers adapted to the grounds of the profitable countries. 14 African countries knew the creation of companies of fertilizer of the subsidiary OCP Africa and a megaproject of production of fertilizer will soon be born in Ethiopia with a high investment of about two and a half billion dollars, a project which should allow covering all of needs in fertilizer of this big agricultural country.

OCP Africa also developed in Ivory Coast specific products for the improvement of the agricultural yields on Cocoa and Cotton. An Immense factory of fertilizer will also be born in Nigeria, project which was the object of a memorandum in Abuja at the beginning last December, then an agreement at the royal palace in Rabat on May 15th of this year. Africa is at the heart of the orientations of the Kingdom for the strengthening of south-south partnerships: Public - Public that Public - private or rather private-private. Hundreds of agreements were signed thanks to the many royal tours in the continent.

Morocco Nigeria biggest gasoline project in the continent

Morocco also initiated the biggest project of the 21th century in terms of win-win partnerships in Africa: a gas main which originates in Nigeria to cross numerous African countries, putting as a priority plan the rural electrification, with projects of sustainable development and investments for job creation in the sectors of industries, agribusiness, fertilizers and New technologies. It is in the presidential palace of Abuja, in Nigeria, starting last December, that SM Mohammed VI and the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, chaired, the inaugurating ceremony of the project of realization of a gas main, to connect the gas resources of Nigeria, those of several countries of western Africa and Morocco, and also Europe. Less than six months later, both countries sign in the royal palace of Rabat the agreement of implementation of the project.

Morocco projects for development and win-win cooperation

The Big construction works introduced by the Kingdom of Morocco on the ground of the south-south solidarity and the win-win cooperation takes into consideration the environmental dimension of the sustainable development in Africa. At the very moment when Marrakesh and the world summit of the environment was held took in the village of the COP 22 in Marrakech, not far from this village, the conference hall of Marrakech sheltered the African summit of the action initiated and chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI. A summit with well-defined objectives:
Morocco is among the world leaders of the renewable energies with the realization of the biggest technological multi-solar power plant in the world.

Not far from the city of Ouarzazate, on the south side of the High Atlas and near the desert, Noor, light, displays its large panels on about 3000 ha. Noor Ouarzazate counts 4 technological multi-solar power plants. Noor 1 is functioning since 2016, Noor 2 and 3 will be soon functioning and Noor 4 is under construction. Once finished, the complex Noor will have a 582 megawatt capacity. The Moroccan solar plan aims to produce 2000MW to be added to thousands of MW planned by the wind and hydraulic plans. Morocco has already made a commitment to carry the global part of the renewable energies in the energy mix to 52 % by the year 2030.

Morocco expertise is the key in the African Morocco cooperation

Morocco’s expertise and know-how will be shared with African pairs. Moreover, Morocco is strongly involved in two large-scale projects of sustainable development in Africa· the cleanup and the development of the Cocody bay in Ivory Coast· and the rehabilitation, the protection of a canal of more than 700 km in Madagascar: the Pangalanes canal.

This titanic project along with that of the Cocody Bay in Ivory Coast is conducted by the Moroccan Agency Marchica Med, the transfer of expertise and guaranteed know-how: a megaproject which was at the heart of a memorandum of agreement Morocco Malagasy signed in Madagascar last November. Less than six months later, the committee of the project was holding its third meeting in Rabat:
Morocco also develops an important know-how in the field of high technology thanks to a whole industrial strategy based on the promotion of what is called defined as world businesses of Morocco, car and aeronautical industries mainly. In 2016, Morocco develops industrial ecosystems: Nissan Renault and Citroën Peugeot for the car industry and Boeing for the aircraft industry.