Clean drinking water scarcity is a reality. Many regions across the globe are already experiencing its pinch. Although our supply is at a critical level, we can still do something to remedy the issue. Let’s help save water at home - it’s the right place to start, indeed!

For the few affluent ones, scarcity of water may still be a remote idea. But for many citizens of the world, the lack of clean water is already a grave reality. The truth is, more than one out of 6 persons do not have access to safe drinking water. Globally, this figure roughly translates to 1.1 billion people. More individuals are even deprived of the basic sanitation facilities. The children are the most vulnerable. In fact, many minors have already died due to water-borne diseases.

Can you afford to watch your child die from a water-borne disease? Of course, you can’t. So, let’s start conserving water now. Yes, you and I can help ensure long-term water security. By prudent use of domestic water, we can help solve this pressing issue.

Here’s how you can save water at home

● Instead of running the tap every time, keep a pitcher of drinking water in your refrigerator.

● Make it a habit to use only one glass for your drinking water each day. Or, if you so prefer, designate a water bottle which you can refill. This way, you minimize the number of drinking glasses to wash.

● Don’t let water go down the drain as you brush. Turn off the tap while. Instead of rinsing your mouth directly from the faucet, fill a glass. Didn’t you know that by doing this, you can save 25 gallons of water per month? That’s a lot!

● When washing your hands, turn off the tap while you lather.

● Report or fix water leakage immediately.

● Instead of doing it under a running faucet, clean your vegetables in a pan of clean water or in a stoppered sink.

● Save the water you use for cleaning vegetables and fruits. You can reuse it to water your houseplants.

● When washing the dishes by hand, do it in a stoppered sink. Rinsing dishes in running water costs so much water.

● Save some of the water you used in washing dishes for other kitchen items. Soak pots and pans in it before scraping them clean.

● Thaw frozen food items under room temperature. Or, defrost them in the refrigerator. You can maintain water efficiency in this manner than running the tap to soften it.

● Will you consider washing your face or brushing your teeth while in the shower? By doing so, you save both water and time.

● Teach your children to close the faucets properly after each use.

● While you shave, turn off the tap. Then, rinse your razor with a few inches of warm water in the sink. This saves you as much as 300 gallons of water a month.

● Up to 150 gallons of water per month is saved when you cut your shower time by a minute or two. Do you have the habit of taking a shower multiple times a day? Unless it’s extremely necessary, try skipping it once in awhile.

● Refrain from throwing even small bits of trash, like cigarette butts and facial tissue into the toilet. It costs up to 7 gallons of water every time you flush such items.

● Washing your car at home with a hose costs so much water. Instead, take your car to a car wash service center that recycles the water.

● Invest on efficient fixtures, like a low-flow toilet, aerated faucet, water-saving shower heads, and other home devices.

● Run your dishwasher or washing machine only when it’s full. Half-loads add up to a lot of wasted water.

● Water your outdoor plants in the early morning. Since the temperature is still cooler at this time, you’ll require less water.

● Be prudent in your use of electricity. Power plants consume a huge amount of water to cool. You can help save water indirectly by conserving power at home.

I think I’ve shared a lot of tips here that you can practically apply at home. And I also believe that you have your own ways of minimizing water usage. What’s important here is that we are conscientious at helping Mother Nature replenish our sources.

If you have more ideas on how to help save water at home, please share them with us.