Business Dictionary: RISK - Definition: Risk implies future uncertainty about deviation from expected earnings or expected outcome. Risk measures the uncertainty that an investor is willing to take to realize a gain from an investment.

  1. A probability or threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities, and that may be avoided through preemptive action.

  2. Finance: The probability that an actual return on an investment will be lower than the expected return.

  3. Securities trading: The probability of a loss or drop in value.

As you can see by its definition, risk in this reality is absolutely about judgment, the judgment of success, the judgment of failure, the judgment of money, and so on. Risk is this thing that we’ve been thought is something that needs to be analyzed, needs to be questioned in a problematic way, in a logical solution way, whether it’s going to work, whether it’s not going to work, pros and cons, and really what that’s all about is coming to the lowest common denominator of an answer to actually make sure that you never choose the next step that would allow you to create much greater.

What would it take to live without judgments, and what would it take just to let go, leave, loose, choose, change, ask and create from the energy of risk, of the enthusiasm of risk, the enthusiasm of possibility and committing to our life AND our businesses with total ease?

What I’ve recently experienced attending “Risking Everything To Have It All”, a 3 weeks online program on risk with Graeme Crosskill, the creator and founder of Benevolent Entrepreneur, is that risk can actually be the creative source to a different reality for us to get into the spaces and the places of going beyond the judgment, going beyond the conclusions and really looking at what’s available for us that we’ve been so scared to choose before so that we can start functioning from our knowing and then not having the drama and the trauma and the intensity and the fear of risk but actually the art and the elegance that the energy of risking would give us, and the joy and the creation to get a greater reality to actualize for us and to show up for us.

"It’s about that willingness to truly choose to risk to be happy – says Graeme – to risk to have the things that you would like to have and to give up all the things that are not real or true that hold you from having that in our life." And goes on: "And when it comes to business, if you want to be in business, if you want to be an entrepreneur and you don’t get risk, don’t even start! You see, what we do is we try to force ourselves into a tunnel of possibility and that’s why we find it very hard to take risks to create, to actualize and to enjoy. What if we could open up the tunnel of possibility to, let’s say, a 10% more of possibility without a result attached and have no point of view about our day tomorrow allowing us to be totally joyful in these 10 seconds and do still make choices that will allow us to have joy tomorrow as well? The natural state of being is joy. Are you willing to take the risk of being in business and always be joyful, always be happy?"

What if we could put out all the energies, all the choices and see what works and doesn’t work? Would you be willing to risk the things that you’ve been told are so wrong, are so against everything?

Risk is about the beauty, risk is about that willingness to demand, no matter what, that your life, your world, your reality AND your business is going to be this beauty, this aesthetics, this nurturing, this caring, this kind, not just to yourself but everyone else. There’s beauty in everything and there’s beauty everywhere, you’ve just got to get the muscle to see it, you’ve just got to get the muscle to allow your body to perceive it and receive from it. And what it has got to do with risk? Everything! Because if you don’t see the beauty in what you’re choosing, if you don’t see the amazing courage that takes you to even consider looking at creating the reality that you would like to have, it’s going to be hard for you to choose and it’s going to be a stress on your body.

What we’ve really got to start to realize – says Graeme – is that a part of the availability of success and the availability of continuously being able to outcreate yourself and your business is to not have your body being dense and tired and like, feeling lethargic all the time. What you’ve got to become more present is what nurtures and what your body really desires and have all the fun you could have with your life taking the risks, taking the chances, being willing to fail, giving up the crap that doesn’t work for you, going beyond need, and going beyond what doesn’t create joy and excitement for you and your body in this life. We use our bodies against ourselves instead of allowing our bodies to be the gift that they are. Every body has this potency available that will create a desire from people and business and creation that we refuse to acknowledge. We all can start using our bodies to be an incredible contribution to the creation of the life that we truly would like to have in the future. Your bodies are a part of the gift of being on this planet. They’ve fun, they feel things, they sense things, they are aware, they’re delicious, they’re gorgeous, they’re yummy, but, please, don’t use that to create with!>>

Everything that is a creative source as the space of our being has been turned into evil, mediocrity and corruption in this reality, that’s why there is such an intensity of risk. What if risk, and the energy of risk, from a space of being present, being aware, asking questions, asking to create a greater reality, contributed to create a sustainable future for ourselves, for the planet and for everyone else? What if from that space, risk can be the creative contribution, the creative source, the creative energy for us to have everything that we desire and more?

As Graeme pointed up during the program, we think that we have to do, do, do, do, do all the time in order to succeed and what tends to happen is that when we put a lot of energy into something and all of a sudden it just disappears, kind of there’s no more charge, there’s no more “intensity” around it from a creative sort of capacity or creative source, we sometimes go into that other side of it, where we feel like there’s no energy and maybe something’s wrong or it’s not going to work out or whatever it may be.

What if what is actually going on there is that that creation, that risk, that choice has expended already so far that it’s in creation and that now that it’s in creation we can’t “feel” it anymore? When we start a project, when we start a business, we put a lot of energy into it. And when a business within the three to six months of creation starts to disappear and there’s no energy on it, a lot of us go into the wrongness and think that we are not creating anymore and that’s not going to work. But what’s really actually going on there, is that our business, our project, is taking on its own life force, it’s becoming its own creation where it will start to generate and create on its own energy, it’s coming to creation and it’s going to start contributing to us and to itself in very different ways and we’re not always going to have to nurse but being in question of what else we can add to this, what else we can add to our life.

Being an Entrepreneur starts with you waking up in the morning desiring more and being willing to have more, to be more, to create more, to generate more for yourself; but we have learned that desires are wrong, so therefore we need to destroy our current existence in order to prove to others that we need something different or something better, and then we call that a creation. There’s a freedom and a joy available outside of reasons and justifications. The choice comes first and then from there, the things show up to match your choices. What if you can just risk to step up and choose?

“Your business is your life and your life is your business and risking everything to have it all is truly the source of creation, because if you jump, you will exponentialize your life in ways that you can never imagine. And if you do it from the space of being present and function from trusting you and the universe, and your knowing, you will have not an extraordinary life, you will have a phenomenal life! Your joy is in that risk. Your joy is living on the edge, that’s who you are as an infinite being; it’s never good enough and is always more” (Graeme Crosskill).