A curious fact in countries like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the United States is that the less people read, see, and know about their leaders, the more popular they become. The latest polls on Luis Guillermo Solís, Daniel Ortega, and even Donald Trump show that the more they avoid the public eye, the better their performances comes across.

Solis, if he continues to stay away from public scrutiny, will become Costa Rica´s most popular president (not even Garabito, the cacique who reigned in the XVI Century, was so admired). Garabito lost Costa Rica to the Spaniards, whereas Solís married one of them. Instead of fighting the motherland, he opted to borrow money from her. Not to mention Daniel Ortega, who in view of a very concealed physical illness (forcing him to avoid sun and daylight) is now more loved than ever. He is also called Count Dracula. In the last elections, rigged or not, more than 60% of Nicaraguans were on his side. People now like him more than ever, including his wife Rosarito, who is the Evita Perón of Nicaragua. She dresses as Frida Kalo and wears dozens of bracelets that are supposed to bring her luck and protect her from the evil eye. (Yes, she is thought to be a card reader and a spiritual leader, a job she took over from her mother). When people ask her why she believes in magic, since this does not seem acceptable in the leftist circles, she responds that “people told me the bracelets work even if you don´t believe in them.” In the United States, Republicans pray their president will not open his mouth or continue to tweet. He manages to alienate everyone, except those who think that the actual president is really Pancho Villa reincarnated .

The reason is simple: politicians have become quantum particles and their countries´economies seem to do better without them. It is no secret that Costa Rica, the United States, and Nicaragua have presidents who do not know how to run anything, much less a country - and that despite this, the countries grow, the unemployment numbers plummet, and the stock market rises. We have never witnessed such bad presidents; yet, we also have never had it so good (until we must pay the foreign debt, which has of course skyrocketed with the three Stooges in command). Our Harvard economists are puzzled: there seems to be a new financial dynamic that links inappropiateness with economic development. An odd formula.

Quantum physics is so foreign to our experience that it becomes difficult to understand. However, if we study it, we realize that it explains much presidential behavior and related phenomena. According to physicists, there are particles that violate known laws. This is the case of the so-called divine particles that take energy from others and return them before it is even known. That is, they pop out without being recorded, and so no energy is being spent, which is a phenomenon that contradicts all the laws of nature.

We still do not know what these particles are, yet some believe they do nothing. That is, they are there without a mission and camouflauged so that no one will notice. The interesting thing is that if we do not look for them, they do not exist. If we do, that is exactly what gives them life: as soon as we do not see them, they cease to exist. Others, on the other hand, think the divine particles are responsible for breaking the symmetry and creating the Universe.

Many believe that to search for them could create a sidereal disturbance. As the particles are not supposed to be, to give them a reality might be dangerous. Who knows what Universal chaos this might elicit! It is assumed that it would be better if we did not know about them and that, for peace of mind, we should forget them.

If the universe works this way, so must the social cosmos. There are entities that apparently do nothing, as these Presidents, but who might in the long run be responsible for the Universe to disappear.

When Solis shows up, and tries to be simpático by dressing as a typical campesino or by swallowing a fly (Yes, he did it in front of a camera), while still making a fool of himself, public opinion rejects him. Costa Rican's are justifiably concerned that this president, by eating bugs, is sending a message that when foreign banks decide not to lend to us anymore, they will be enjoying an exotic meal. But when he travels abroad and disappears from view, we love the man even more.

Rosarito is the one who actually rules Nicaragua, and the country´s future never looked so rosy. But when Daniel is in public, he must defend himself against accusations of sexual rape and molestation, so things start to get ugly. Daniel is the “Nica“ alter ego of Bill Clinton. As Hillary is the responsible one in that couple, so is Rosarito in hers. We can imagine that both women are aware that their husbands are beyond hope, and would rather have them fooling around with other women than making a mess of the Presidency. Not to mention Trump; the more he attacks “fake news,” the more he drives his followers nuts. People might tolerate him more if he just let Ivanka run the show. She seems to have learned that good looks is not what it takes to have a successful marriage. It is smart genes.

This leads me to think it would be better to stop wishing for the impossible. Instead of calling on presidents to do something, they should be reinforced to do absolutely nothing, and stay out of trouble. What would happen if we chose this option? We might learn how we never needed them in the first place, and that ‘participatory democracy’ has far greater sanctity than a random person pretending to be an alpha male.