The cleanliness catapulted as a national mission in India from obscurity in a big way for the first time when it was mentioned in the address to the nation on Independence Day by the current Prime Minister soon after taking over the office in May 2014. Since then, it has taken a shape of स्वच्छ भारत अभियान (Clean India Mission) and lot of work has already happened and has been continuously happening to ensure that our cities, villages and public places are clean which lead to better hygiene as well as make our country look better. Cleanliness leads to good health. Many organizations, local bodies, corporates, celebrities and individuals have put their weight behind by starting initiatives towards the direction of making India a clean India or as the mission is called a स्वच्छ भारत.

With all these initiatives happening consistently over last couple of years, the results have started reflecting in our surroundings. However, few things on the last mile need a focused push so that dots can be connected back. I am sure this push will make our cities and villages look better, beautiful and serene as well as make them healthier with better hygiene.

Waste Collection Pods

Currently the waste collection boxes have been put at various places. These are meant to be used by residents to dispose-off garbage. These pods are frequently emptied by the local municipal bodies. However, it seems that thee pods are not sufficient in number due to which nearest disposal points turn out to be far in many cases and even there those pods are generally not sufficient in size as well as capacity. One could notice the trash overflowing from those pods and being feasted upon by stray animals and birds which then spread it all over the place.

The authorities shall ensure that the pods are sufficiently available and placed at various places so that these are in reachable distance. Also, the pods shall be well covered so that stray animals are not able to litter the trash.

Availability of Dumpsters

An initiative can be taken whereby making dumpsters of various sizes available to organizations and local municipal bodies. Depending upon the finance model, the dumpsters can be made available either on rent or just free of cost for a period. These dumpsters can be used in case of bigger events at public places. The organizers of public or private events of slightly bigger scale either can rent them or reach out to local municipal bodies which can provide bigger size dumpsters. This will enable quick disposal of garbage leaving the place clean immediately after.

Disposing Recyclable Material

Recently an initiative has been started in national capital as well as many other cities in the country wherein machines have been installed at few places which can be used to dispose of plastic bottles and cans. A certain amount of incentives have also been baked into the concept which is given to the person who uses the machines. However, the installed machines are far less to create an adequate visibility as well as an impact.

We shall have more such machines installed at public places and well-advertised or communicated through various channels so that people are aware to use them.

Waste Collection Pods at Prominent public Places

Generally waste collection pods are tucked inside the obscure corners which are sometime difficult to locate by people especially at busy public places which in turn leads to disposal of garbage on the roadside. The properly decorated and ideally placed dumpsters provide people avenues to dispose-off the litter and trash without littering them on roads or corners.

Disposal Pods for Clothing & Books

Couple of years back I had to travel to Dublin in Ireland. One day while walking down to office I noticed a big container tucked in one corner near the gate of Rugby stadium (now known as Aviva Stadium) in Lansdowne area. The container was meant for disposing old clothes which would then be donated to needy people in the third world countries. I stayed in Dublin for about three weeks and would pass by that container every day. Usually I would notice people dropping in clothes, etc in that container. I liked the concept as this provides people a channel to dispose-off old clothes who otherwise may not know of any other option and the strategically placed container will hardly go unnoticed.

I think we can think of doing something like that at some prominent places in our cities. Donated items can be distributed to needy.

Tapping Local Market Authorities

Perhaps this is most common sight whereby one can see the trash having been disposed-off in front of shops primarily due to non-availability of waste disposal pods in in the nearby area. May be the municipal authorities can tie up with market authorities to jointly work on arranging for dedicated Waste Disposal pods for the respective markets.

Corporates Taking up as CSR Initiative

Just wondering if some of these initiatives as discussed above can be taken up as a part of CSR initiatives by the corporates in partnership with local municipal authorities. Companies can adopt nearby parks or markets to plant these dumpsters and waste disposal pods with their signage. In turn, municipal authorities can ensure regular and prompt removal of garbage. This one factor could be a big enabler and a game changer in our mission towards clean India or स्वच्छ भारत.

I am sure these few minor plugins will ensure स्वच्छ भारत अभियान (Mission Clean India) delivers the desired and effective results.