Few hours and the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, will present a new Brexit plan. On Monday 21st January, she will try to convince the Government to leave the EU with a deal, by presenting a plan B that might face the MPs complaints.

Discussions and debates about her new plan will follow over the whole week, until Tuesday 29th, when the House of Commons will vote against or for it. In the meantime, the EU Parliament has not taken any moves yet. They are waiting for the new UK’s results, in order to decide how to behave, as Antonio Tajani – EU Parliament President – explained last Wednesday on London One Radio, the official Italian radio station in the UK and BBC supplier.

Currently majority of MEPs still cannot forecast what Theresa May is going to deliver on Monday, however, they hope to get a deal because it is in the interest of both the EU and the UK. Without a deal, “the UK will lose 9% of their GDP and it would not be positive for our economy too”, the Italian MEP said. Furthermore, if no deal is delivered, consequences will hit more than 3 million EU citizens’, who are currently living in the UK.

However, Mr Tajani, assured that if there is still uncertainty on the economical level, they have already taken a decision, which is, according to him, the ‘EU Parliament’s top priority’: protecting the EU citizens rights in the UK, as well as the ones addressed to British citizens in the EU. The EU Parliament appears, instead, to be undemocratic and not interested in the UK political situation, according to the English MEP, Bill Etheridge, who has been thrown out by the Strasburg Chamber last week.

On London One Radio he explained that there were “a series of nasty and arrogant speeches from members (MEP) laughing at the UK position” last Tuesday, for, he called them “cowards” and “against democracy”, because they refused to speak. Regarding English political atmosphere itself, it cannot be over without a good leader, according to him. Theresa May, who ‘should have been replaced by another Conservative MP”, is incapable to deliver the vote, as Mr Etheridge disclosed and who thinks the new plan will showcase just slight changes.

The Labour MP Tonia Antoniazzi, instead, believes that a second referendum would be the best solution, as she explained on London One Radio, rather than the general elections proposed by Jeremy Corbyn. The journalist, Barbara Serra, supports such position by disclosing on air her dream about a second referendum, even though “it would not solve the problem of millions of people in the UK who want to leave the EU. One cannot simply ignore the vote”.

The vote, in fact, was leaving the EU and the Government is trying to satisfy people’s decision. However, why has this referendum happened and it was really necessary? The journalist, Bill Emmott, tried to answer to this question on London One Radio. By proposing his analysis, he stated if we want to understand why the UK came out with the Brexit referendum, we should go back to 2008. He sustains that when the economical crisis happened, it shook the policies of all Western countries, increasing the support for populist and sovereign parties.

Consequently Europe is now facing Brexit as a result out of it, by also taking the risk of undermining the economy and the status of million of people. Such uncertainty is shared by some Italian MPs, like Massimo Ungaro, who is still worried about the safeguard of the Italian citizens’ rights in the UK. As he stated on London One radio, Italy should take action in case of no deal, rather than being “asleep”, because “all the big European countries have already announced emergency plans”. On the other hand, he added “the UK should have a different leader capable to better explain how the country wants to leave the EU”.

Translation by Rosita Dagh, for Italoeuropeo