Kafka, a visionary, prophetically wrote in his book The Trial: “The lie has become the world order”. In his time, lying was the procedural result of the need to judge, deceive, and converge behaviors and minds to the existing order. We were in the post-First War and in the prodromes of Nazism. Lying was thus a necessity that supplied the emptying of humanitarian criteria, personalized with illusions and generalizations, prejudices built to validate explanations of the hunger and disaster that took place. The overwhelming antisemitic race, the increase of witch-hunts, the invention of lies, stories in which men turn to worms that must be destroyed, among others, cleared the path for trains intended for extermination camps.

Nowadays, with the continuity of lies, other universes have been created, other realities, other contexts, in which what is valid is what does not exist, is the possible and the probable. In this context, the fundamental is the sale of dreams of social security, guaranteed jobs, individual aid that improves work performance and ensure self-esteem when envisaging possibilities of realizing dreams. It is a life focused on achievement, committed to future guarantees.

More than ever, the Shakespearean maxim is valid: “We are also made of the matter of which dreams are made; and in the space and time of a dream is enclosed our short life”. It is a goal-oriented will.

Living a result-oriented life, caring for security, trying to avoid illness - believing it to be guaranteed by regular check-ups - are some of the lies offered by the society of fear and its health and body care market. Frustrated aims, shattered hopes are constant in the pursuit of social and economic independence. After university graduation, as a rule, the maximum the economic system allows is an expansion of commitments and duties to sustain investments on better days. The work of the days in our society is increasingly committed to chimerical possibilities and market impositions. These impositions result from great lies. Caring for endemic hunger in Africa, for example, is a way to get information to use its natural sources, its mineral resources, its raw material.

Lying, stealing, hiding is what makes it possible to win, is the differential that makes it possible to sell a pig in a poke, is what turns a harmful, lethal product into a great adjuvant to a well-delineated body that is apparently healthy although housing compromised organs. Turning everything into salable products is the solution found by the Market. The struggle for space to sell is constant. Renting bellies for gestation, for example, being able to overcome physical conditions and enabling endless possibilities for reproduction, has become commonplace. A woman can still be a healthy mother at the age of 60 years. It is the truth, but it is also the lie that helps, that compromises, subverting possibilities and amplifying needs previously not admitted.

Pointing out questions in terms of desirable focuses means unilateralizing demands, imposing new rules before old limits that generally do not provide support anymore. Being a mother at the age of 60 years is a feat, it is launching into an experience in which the horizon is broad, but maps, compasses, and guidance systems are committed to old routes, are not up to date; as popularly said: the legs do not follow the need to walk. Above all, what is at stake, what is affirmed is: “everything is possible, all your desires can be fulfilled, we have the solutions” ... just pay the price and do not think about meanings and consequences.

In the twentieth century, properties and monopolies were very revolved, it was a century characterized by the change of colonies to independent republics, controlled by other ties of domination, no longer the territorial domain, but rather the domain exerted by commercial rules. Now, in the twentieth-first century, our bodies are like the countryside and the conquered lands of the old times. We are hostages to the idea that we can build it in terms of what we think is self-desire, without limits as far as transformations are concerned. What is human is nothing more than a product of new developments for the pharmaceutical industry, for the beauty industry (cosmetics, clothing, surgeries): it is fitness.

Another field in which we identify lies is the cultural field, the arts. Everything can be produced on video and watched. The participation of man is dispensed and his icons, his representation is more viral, reaching millions of people, homes, and countries at the click of a button. Representing allows copying; this pasteurizing of the human is, little by little, replacing it with cyborgs, androids, and robots. More is done with artificial intelligence than with intelligence. The produced and manufactured become similes of what they imitate, pretending to be the true ones, equal to the one originally imitated. This has already happened with pasteurized milk and cheese, and this new wave knocks at the door of our heart, our organs, and reproduces them. The lie that everything is equal, that everything can be imitated without distinction, is the general aspiration, which consequently also affects individual motivations. What is scarce is the raw material, but this too can be invented. Without limits in this process, it is increasingly opportune to make explicit the validity of Nietzsche: “What then is the truth? A movable host of metaphors, metonymies, and anthropomorphisms: in short a sum of human relations which became poetically and rhetorically intensified, metamorphosed, adorned, and which, after long usage, seem to a people to be fixed, canonical, and binding; truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions; they are metaphors that have become worn out and have been drained of sensuous force; coins which have lost their embossing and now are no longer of account as coins but merely as metal”.

A lie prevails in society when there is no security for individuals. Not noticing where one steps, not perceiving the other, not perceiving oneself, seeing only the threads that support one as a puppet and that are indicative of ways, saying that everything is like this and that this is progress is the prevailing lie, is the densification of what was glimpsed by Kafka.