All of a sudden, everything has changed. All countries of the world were shut down and became ghost towns with empty parks and streets. Life has become almost nonexistent, and everything that was previously a daily routine of life disappeared.

The world cities, as broadcast in the official media, are empty, streets are empty, and famous places and gardens are empty. Yet, what is happening during this pandemic will be engraved in the pages of the future, and grandparents will tell the next generation the story.

Confusion and loneliness are the two dominant feelings in streets because of Corona pandemic because even the biggest and largest cities in the world are vacuous.

Due to Coronavirus, the world is facing an unprecedented situation which makes the simplest traditions of life become a dream that we cannot achieve.

In addition to the severe restrictions that come to life to combat the virus, everything related to social life and communities is cancelled, such as individual’s programs, family events, and newborns whose families can’t see them except behind a separation wall.

Even of this hard situation where familial relations are breaking, it monitors a positive aspect of a person who feels responsible towards himself and others, by taking the threat imposed by the Coronavirus seriously, and following instructions to combat it, no matter how much social sacrifices it would cost us.

Coronavirus and human civilization

Since the end of the nineteenth century, human civilization had moved west, and Western Europe had become the world's military, economic, and cultural leader, followed by the United States of America. Therefore, the West had become the model that all peoples of the Earth yearn for. But after the invasion of the virus this year, this model may no longer exist with the West's catastrophic failure to confront the crisis and world leadership.

Countries of the world have accumulated deadly weapons to kill each other for material wealth and political influence. But they are ill-prepared - with few exceptions - to confront an invisible enemy that is attacking human health. Rather. Thus, government budgets should be devoted to establishing a comprehensive health system that protects and secures its people. Now, Western countries are discovering that financing health care programs were insufficient and that there is a lack of clean water and sanitation facilities in many areas which deepened the disaster, and that giant cities with high population densities become epidemic centres.

This pandemic has shown the negative side of economic globalization and ease of travel. Therefore, the land requires a fair distribution of wealth among its peoples to reduce the risk of mass death, whether at the level of every country within it or on the world level between rich and poor countries.

The days are alike. The eras are alike

Time is slowing, except for those who are overworked. Corona is here, Corona is there. It is like a "virus" lead screed that falls on us through the press, fond of disasters, derailed trains and bombings, explosives as well as indecent exposure.

We are made to cry over some slightly accelerated deaths, we anticipate, we prepare the minds for this big obligatory start, this blow of kidney which it will be necessary to give to restore an economy in crisis. And to minimize the effects, with this implacable logic of schizophrenics, we force people to stay at home AND go to work until they hit the fingers of labour inspectors.

The big debate: investing in the Corona period

The Coronavirus is causing unprecedented disruption to our society and has a serious impact on the economy and the stock markets. As an investor, it is difficult to navigate this chaotic period. However, our experts emphasize during the 'great debate: investing in the Corona period' that fear and inaction must not dominate.

The bad news is accumulating day by day about the global evolution of the Coronavirus. Containments are installed in the daily life of hundreds of millions of people in all the continents. Everyone's life has changed in a few handfuls of days. Priorities are turned upside down and everyone is faced with their existential questions. However, we must not sink into panic or despair. Life goes on and the future will inevitably be changed by the current crisis. Good news manages to sneak into the interstices left by the hot news. They bring optimism and hope for our future.