Morocco economic activity is gradually resuming. This resumption of activity will allow curbing the considerable damages observed on the businesses and employment and relieve the treasury of the State. Both employers and companies are working to establish and enforce adequate sanitary and preventive measures to face COVID pandemic.

Companies are sensitized and committed to adopting all necessary health precautions to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. The General Confederation of Enterprises in Morocco (CGEM) has established medical and preventive guidelines and has facilitated the supply of health protection equipment.

The objective of the CGEM is to preserve the national productive apparatus and to avoid a lasting recession, to stimulate demand and also to meet great challenges, in particular the integration of the informal sector, the simplification of the relationship between the state, the citizen and companies, financial inclusion and payment terms.

Mass COVID analysis for employees to accelerate economic recovery

“Mass screening will accelerate the recovery of economic activity and preserve the health of workers and their workers and relatives”, said the Head of Government Saâd Dine El Othamni. He said that he is proud of the collective achievements of the Kingdom in the face of the pandemic, under the informed leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, His wise directives, His proactive initiatives and His high instructions.

The latest initiative to date is the Sovereign's call to employers to deploy a massive screening operation to limit the risk of spread of the virus through screening tests to their employees, stressing that HM the King has given his high instructions to the Ministry of Health to make available all necessary materials and human resources for the sake of the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco while taking into account the promiscuity and the particularities and health constraints inherent in workplaces.

This action is likely to accelerate the recovery of economic activity in the Kingdom, to allow a large number of social categories exercise their commercial and professional activities again, to reduce the impact on the coffers of the State, and to preserve the health of workers and that of their loved ones.

The resumption of construction sites and building development

A plan to resume work on construction sites and development on a regional scale, allowing a resumption of projects and a gradual return of sites to their normal pace, especially those related to the mobility of workers, travel for professionals, the supply of construction materials and all operations related to construction sites.

The ministry and Al Omrane group have established the prerequisites for prioritizing the sanitary measures prescribed by the guidelines drawn up by the ministry, in consultation with the various stakeholders in the building and construction sector. These guidelines define the recommendations for professionals in the sector called upon to work in construction sites, factories and production units, administrative buildings and offices, among others.

These guidelines support the instructions dictated by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Professional Integration aimed at supporting professionals to manage the risk of spreading COVID-19 in workplaces in the sector and thus preserve employee health and safety.

The gradual and secure recovery would save the Moroccan construction companies as well as all the trades related to the programs and projects carried out by the Al Omrane group. Intending to establish a confident climate throughout the value chain that is capable of revitalizing the sector, the group aims to further support private operators in the phases of recovery through accelerating the launch of calls for tenders, streamlining of administrative procedures thanks to the support of the supervisory authority, accelerating the payment of providers after the releases, and strengthening of the dematerialization of services and procedures as well as informing its various partners on its provisional plan.

Agriculture sector uses a set of tools to provide food needs

The Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests has set up a set of governance and awareness tools to provide procedures and a framework adapted to the requirements dictated by the emerged health crisis.

These sectors did not experience any interruption in their activities and ensured regular supply to the market; thus, the adaptation of the protocol of conduct to this new phase will strict the respect of sanitary measures while allowing the optimal activity.

This protocol includes two parts which have been the subject of five circulars. These two stages concern, on the one hand, all professionals and operators in the agricultural and fishing sectors. It concerns the procedures to be adopted at the level of agricultural holdings, units for the enhancement, conditioning and transformation of agricultural products, units for the transformation and enhancement of fishery products, industrial units for canned fish and all supply chain of the two sectors including personnel transport.

The second stage, on the other hand, involves the administrative services of Agriculture and Fisheries departments, both centralized and decentralized regional and provincial and all the supervising establishments, as well as the interfaces with professionals and visitors.

The circulars are accompanied by illustrations that have been published and distributed to the parties concerned with the aim of establishing a structured working environment ensuring the safety and health for all.

Besides, posters highlighting clear procedures and recalling the general principles of prevention against COVID-19 have been displayed in all workplaces at all scales (farms, fishing boats, wholesale fish markets, units’ production and processing, administration and external services…).