Devin Wills is the young entrepreneurial President of A&W Contracting, Managing Partner of LFLS Legacy Holdings, CEO/Owner of Empathy Lending, and more importantly to him, the new Executive Director of the 'Hands Across Atlanta' charity.

Since taking over the position in June, Wills has spearheaded a massive response during Covid.

In just over 3 months 'Hands Across Atlanta' donated 1,000 winter jackets ($60,000 USD value) to underprivileged children in marginalized areas of Atlanta.

He topped that achievement by spearheading a project to raise $40,000 to donate meals to local nurses and firefighters. In just two weeks the project fed over 3,300 nurses and firefighters during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Atlanta, where the disease has taken the lives of over 600 healthcare workers according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggested that Georgia officials understated this number by as much as 30%.

The path could have gone much differently for Wills, whose father passed away three years ago. In the following years, his life took a dark path; one filled with substance abuse, rooted in a crippling feeling of loneliness, magnified by growing up without either of his parents. He had every excuse to fail in life, yet, inspired by his stoic life philosophy, he was driven to make a drastic change in his life and in society. Wills found that his path to recovery, and personal fulfillment, was in helping others.

His dad had founded A&W Contracting from humble beginnings and through sheer grit, grew it into a company that collaborated with the nation’s largest residential construction home builders, several of which being Fortune 500 companies.

After not stepping up initially, Wills has found the drive to fill the void his father left and works alongside his board of directors to take the company to greater heights and diversify business with real estate investments.

Now two years sober, a successful young businessman, and more importantly the director of a rising charity, Devin's positive mindset and inspirational prowess have garnered him a social media following of hundreds of thousands. An inspiration to others, he remains humble. When asked about his current goals, he simply answers "to connect with more businesses in the Atlanta area and share with them the joy of putting others first."