The Covid-19 pandemic year is also a year of boosting Morocco-Poland relationships: the economic cooperation between the two countries seems to have a most promising future given their multiple assets and the shared will to move forward towards a continually fruitful future partnership.

The two countries maintain solid relations likely to grow in significance thanks to regular dialogue and the convergence of views on regional and international issues of common interest, giving important momentum to this resolutely established relationship.

The Covid-19 health crisis has certainly turned the world economic scene upside down, but it has not slowed down the two countries' aspirations to give substantial impetus to economic cooperation. Poland sees Morocco as an essential partner in the region and a key player in North Africa given its stability and privileged location as an economic hub on the continent, advantages repeatedly underlined by Polish officials who do not miss an occasion to highlight potential stakes and prospects for cooperation available to the two countries in various fields.

In this context, several Polish economic operators have expressed an interest to develop their projects in Morocco, which has become a continental hub notably thanks to its proximity to Europe, its African roots, its stability and the resilience and proven performance of its economy.

The Ambassador of Morocco to Poland, Mr. Abderrahim Atmoun, said that the Free Trade Agreements signed by Morocco with African countries make the Kingdom not only a relay point between Europe and Africa but also a land of investment that offers attractive benefits to companies around the world.

Large Polish businesses seek to invest in the Kingdom of Morocco

Large Polish businesses operating in various economic sectors have decided to invest in Morocco, especially in its southern provinces.

Working sessions initiated by Mr. Atmoun, the Ambassador of Morocco to Poland, were held throughout December 2020 and January this year. During these meetings, Polish companies not only expressed their wish to visit the Kingdom's southern provinces but also, by way of signing declarations of intent, verbalized their desire to invest there.

The companies’ representatives also expressed their admiration for Morocco's strategy for economic development, particularly at the regional level.

The meetings were attended by the chairman of the Management Board of the company Alumast, specializing in the production of composite load-bearing structures: electricity, lighting and telecommunications poles, the vice-president and managing director of the company EV Charge (Construction of electric car charging infrastructure), a member of the Supervisory Board of Kzwm Ogniochron, a company specializing in the manufacture of firefighting equipment and materials as well as by the financial director of Emer, specialized in the production of liquid animal fats and high protein food solutions.

Another working session was organized in the headquarters of Lug Capital Group with the President of the Company, Mr. Ryszard Wtorkowski. Lug is one of the main European manufacturers of professional lighting solutions. The company specializes in the manufacture of lighting for industrial and infrastructure purposes as well as decorative lighting, both interior and exterior, to illuminate architectural objects, public spaces or commercial centers.

Helicopter company Flyargo considers opening its plant in Morocco

Flyargo specializes in the manufacture of ultra-light helicopters (gyrocopters) which has chosen to invest in the southern provinces of the Kingdom mainly on account of the political stability of Morocco, as it was stressed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Krzysztof Majkowski.

Mr. Majkowski said that the company's choice to set up a factory in Morocco is based on the current political stability, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and to the environment conducive to the investment offered by the Kingdom. He also emphasized Morocco's strong presence on the African continent and its location at the gateway to Africa to explore the continent's market.

Flyargo specializes in the manufacturing technology of ultra-light helicopters to be used in various sectors, from agriculture to fire and rescue services, to military and surveillance.

Giant public lighting “Lug” to invest in Morocco

Likewise, a Polish capital group Lug, one of the leading European manufacturers of professional lighting solutions, signed a declaration of intent to invest in the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom.

The president of the company Lug, Mr. Ryszard Wtorkowski, expressed on this occasion his willingness to make a preliminary visit to our Southern Provinces, highlighting the investment potential of the Kingdom.

With over 30 years of experience, Lug is today one of the leading European manufacturers of professional lighting solutions. The company specializes in the manufacture of infrastructure and industrial luminaires such as decorative lighting for interior and exterior lighting of public utility buildings, retail spaces and architectural objects.

It is a large capital group specializing in public lighting systems present in Dubai, Paris, London, but also in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey. With a Poland-based factory and an R&D center, the company employs over 600 staff, and to cater to the growing demand, they set up another factory in Argentina in 2018. Recently, the company signed a contract to "light up" the capital of Warsaw, which adds to the list of major capitals that are already equipped with their products. The lighting replacement project in Warsaw is worth more than 40 million PLN (approximately 10 million euros). Other most remarkable projects carried out by the company include the lighting of Copenhagen airport or the lighting of metro lines on three continents - in Europe (the Warsaw metro), in South America (metro in São Paulo). In Africa, they are currently implementing the lighting project of New Cairo City, where innovative solutions attract great interest among state and local authorities.