A successful entrepreneur will find a niche and supply a demand better than anyone else. Or in the words of serial entrepreneur Fred Cary: “You can find the right idea fifty times, but it won’t matter unless you’re able to capitalize on it. Typically, how I choose the right ideas from a strictly business standpoint is to find a niche, a hole, a demand that is not being served - and a market potential that's robust.”

Enter Frederick Cary, a professional business creator who has founded more than ten companies in his life, one of which — Imagine Communications — brings in revenue of $700 million a year, boasts 75% of the world’s households using its technology, and $50 billion in revenue for its customers. Among the others; Ideapros, which has helped launch over 300 companies; the IPO Path 1 Network Technologies, Boxlot; a technology that created variable pricing for the internet, City Loan; a local lender company turned national, and Home Bistro, a Nationwide prepared food delivery service, ranked number 1 by CNET.

Also, a top-ranked Southern California attorney for several years, his success stories cross boundaries — he has built high-growth businesses in finance, software, mobile technologies, data, retail, consumer products, strategic services and e-commerce. But this repertoire has been decades in the making. Fred got his start at 22 in the restaurant business, slowly progressing toward his ultimate goal of financial freedom, and now finally, guiding and mentoring others. His ability to adapt to various industries' needs speaks to his ability to innovate in an ever-changing world.

Of these, Ideapros is his main company and passion. In Cary's words: “We turn ordinary people into world-class entrepreneurs. We do so by partnering with people that have incredible product ideas and we turn their idea into reality by doing all of the services necessary to take a product from concept to launch. There are no other comparable solutions in the industry. One of our competitive advantages is for an entrepreneur to be able to work directly with me, given my 30 years of successes, and have a full team of experts at her service every step of the way."

What helps him handle the struggles of running a business? Fred preaches: “The never-ending need for additional knowledge. What helps me through tough times is a never quit attitude. We have a team of about 50 employees and contractors, as well as over 200 App developers.”

Via his social media, Cary educates 350,000 followers on Instagram and produces a weekly show for entrepreneurs that has been viewed by over 5 million people. His advice as a thought leader and business expert is widely sought after by both startup entrepreneurs and much larger companies.

Fred looks back on what he went through as a young entrepreneur and all of the struggles along the way through all these years. He is now taking this vast experience and leading the next generation. "I wish I had what I am able to give other entrepreneurs now", Cary opined. With a book and video courses on entrepreneurship being released soon, it looks like he'll have an opportunity to help even more people on their journey towards their true purpose.