The TriSpace Gallery is excited to announce a ten day performance event – Pure Performance from the 19th until the 29th of August.

We will be hosting a multitude of British and International Performance artists working across different creative disciplines. Performances will include everything from living sculptures to installations to workshops. The event will be held at the TriSpace Gallery in Bermondsey in London, hidden in the heart of The Biscuit Factory.

Trispace is a quirky and stylistic established arts venue that has been running Arts Exhibitions, Music, Film and Live Performances Events for the past three years. The underlying philosophy behind the conception of Pure Performance is to embrace all genres of performance art, by giving a platform to up-and-coming and established artists to showcase their talent in a festival!

Featured artists:

Robert Foster

Robert Foster was born in 1989 in Wegberg, Germany. He studied at Manchester Metropolitan University, earning his bachelors in Fine Art in 2011. He lives and works in London, UK. Recent exhibitions include Monument, FRAC Basse-Normandie, France (2014), Ceri Hand Gallery Summer Fete, Ceri Hand Gallery, London (2013), and the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore (2013).

His artist statement for the piece he will be performing at our festival is as follows:

“I am interested in the tragi-comic, and the way it is possible to present the audience with a proposition that can be viewed as light-hearted, or something more sinister, in order to prompt questions of spectatorship. Frequently, work manifests itself as performances that focus on repeated actions and utilise a theatrical register, in an attempt to emphasise the tension between reality and representation inherent to these gestures. The outcomes are inspired by the Theatre Of The Absurd, and the dialectic of failure and improvement inherent to slapstick comedy.

Sky Keepers

Sky and her band have been gigging since 2010 when she founded the band Sky Keepers. The music is a mixture of Punk and Rock, and has been compared to The Velvet Underground, The Dandy Warhols, and Chrissie Hynde among others. Sky is also a performance poet and playwright and has been performing poetry for more than twenty years, and has performed at the following venues; Roots and Shoots, Poetry on the Buses, Hyde Park, Torriano meeting place, The Poetry Cafe, The Ice House, The Carrot Cafe, Brixton Festival, Tate Britain and others. Her plays have been performed on the fringe to great acclaim. For the festival Sky will be playing some songs and reading poetry accompanied by her drummer and other band members who will play percussion and other instruments. The festival also coincides with the release of Sky Keepers’ first comic/zine which contains a free demo CD.

Jay Scriptz

"“Hip hop artist,with a love for all music. Story teller by nature, wordsmith with the lyrics. South london breed but worldwide is the plan. I like to inspire anyone that believes in there dreams and themselves. Ive rocked stages to name a few, hip hop nation, uk unsigned hype, 2inspireltd, the music scene. My message is to tell people, do what makes you happy and enjoy life"

Mr Grimez

Mr Grimez Poet Warrior formerly known as “Mr Grimez The Anti Hero” is on a mission to inspire the world through his is art-form. His recent project is a poetry album called “Path Of 13″ which differs to his music albums in the past.

Mr Grimez has also written his own comic book back in 2012. He hopes to manifest a new version but only time will tell. But his main priority is to be a messenger of inspiration.

Gemma Moss + (David Kahl)

A 2 piece musical act from oxford with a twist...

Enter into Gemma's Broadway To Hell; a musical exploration of the highs and lows of living with a mental illness. Part 1 engages you to experience the dark clouds of self doubt, insecurities and loneliness while part 2 invites you to be immersed in a wave of manic highs and delusions.

Lyrically and theatrically this act aims to challenge your perceptions on what is "normal" and what is "acceptable" in today's society.

Florence Lam

Florence is a London-based artist recently graduated in BA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London. Her works are mostly time-based where audiences are invited to witness the birth and constant deterioration of material as a performance. She places herself in a position where she is in control of the presentation while simultaneously being completely out of control of how the material performs, therefore creating an illusion of familiar intimacy, exposing the life within the materials as they interact with audiences.

Her works have been shortlisted in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014 and The National Open Art Competition 2014. Recent shows include "The Tomorrow People 2014 - Live Performance", Elevator Gallery, London (2014); "Raw Talent 2014", We Create Int., London (2014); "LINKS", 5th Base Gallery, London (2014); "When.Arts.Meet", Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong (2013); "Semes Spatial", Campbell Works, London (2013); “Tomb Raiders”, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology, UCL, London (2013).

Ant Lightfoot

Ant Lightfoot is an artist whose work primarily manifests itself in performance and live works. He has recently graduated from the University of Worcester with a Joint Honours degree in Fine Art and Drama and has since performed in Live Art events such as Creative Unconcious' "The Fool's Ball" and on a national tour with Reaction Theatre Makers' piece: "Fish-head".

His works often contain autobiographical themes; drawing on actual events in the artist's life; topics surrounding masculinity and gender roles are of particular concern to his practice. His works often question the idea of performance and the role of the artist by combining media and questioning the boundaries that still exist in the art-world. His key ingredient is self-parody.

Alicia Roy

Alicia Roy is a multidisciplinary artist born in Málaga (Spain). Her creative spirit drove her to study fashion design in IED Madrid. Through these studies she came into contact with the art world, studying later Fine Art at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid where she graduated with honors. Her first solo art exhibition was in 2009 in Berlin, city she lived for over a year. Since than she has been exhibiting her work in Madrid, Málaga, Barcelona, Quito, Torino and London. She has also been awarded and selected in diverse Art Residencies and Open Calls.

The piece she is showing is called “Inflation” and it is part of a bigger project in which Roy explores the power of speech and the use of rhetoric politician make to engage with the audience. Interpreting assumed values and standard, she modifies space highlighting the complexity of society. Using everyday objects and simple actions, Roy’s work modifies in a subjective and poetic way the meaning and so she generates a new space where the audience can create their own thoughts.

Radhika Prabhu

Bharathanatyam is a South Indian Classical Dance form that was born in Temples and was originally a form of worship. It has evolved from there to being patronized by kings, developing its different styles in different regions, and is today the most popular Indian Classical form around the world, telling mythological stories through songs and poetry.

Radhika Prabhu, from Bangalore, India, has been practicing this art form for the past 12 years and has traveled and performed extensively on an International level as a soloist. She will be performing some of the most beloved pieces of the Classical repertoire. She is currently living in London for her MA in Fine Art from Chelsea college of Art and Design.

Immani Love

Immani Love was born in Philadelphia, Pa and is currently making her home in Florida performing regularly at several venues throughout the US, UK, and Europe upon booking. Recently named 2013 Erotic Poet of the Year by the National Poetry Awards and invited to perform at UK Black Pride in London, England as well as EuroPride in Marseille, France. Currently on tour throughout Europe summer 2014.

American Erotic Poet & Author, Immani Love has brought her sensual voice and imagination stimulating words to the long awaiting ears and hearts of the world during her ‎Rainbow Tour of Europe during the summer of 2014. With stops at various Pride festivals and poetry shows she will wrap up her tour at Trispace Gallery as a part of their Pure Performance Festival on Aug 21st. Not for the virgin ears but definitely for the arousal of loins and moistening of panties, she delves into the world of sexuality with a no holds barred sense of fantasy and reality. If you've seen her during her tour or if you've missed her and want to see what the buzz is about, this is your chance! The Rainbow Tour Farewell Show will include performances from local artists as well as Immani Love's final, and only full show.

Robert Hardaker

Robert Hardaker is an artist and curator working in performance. Since graduating in Fine Art from De Montfort University in 2012, he has performed at platforms throughout the UK such as Little Wolf Parade and Circuit Festival and has undertaken several internships with emerging art groups in Leicester such as Two Queens and The Attic Art Collective. In 2013 he performed for Roger Hiorns’ “Youth” at The Hepworth. Currently he is devising new work for 2015.

His work is an extension of his self and projection of emotions onto an audience to explore and allow recollection of subconscious memory, real or imagined. Works are performed for extended periods, regardless of audience presence, implementing incremental changes that effect the mood of the piece; visually, through meaningful bodily action, but also appealing to other senses. Handmade costumes designed to hinder movement and hide or distort the body make the artist appear more animalistic than human and the bizarre use of everyday substances used out of context ritualise the seemingly random, futile acts portrayed.

Jamie H Scrutton

Jamie is excited to debut his show "Unplugged - Live at The Trispace Gallery, London" during the pure performance festival. He has written 7 new comedic poems which explore the humor of everyday life. With verses such as "I've Fallen In Love With Mr. Muscle" and "Good Old PG Tips" this short intimate set will leave you speechless.

Christian Patracchini

Christian Patracchini will be offering a performance workshop during our Pure Performance event.

Liz Zumin

Liz Zumin is an interdisciplinary artist; her practice investigates themes surrounding the affective capacities of the body including voice hearing, suggestion and intuition. She is currently developing a poetic dialogue of gesture considering the immaterial body and the subtle movements that take place between presence and non-being. Her work has featured in exhibitions and festivals in the UK and Europe.

Vdrey feat. Schultz

The performance they will be presenting was created at the end of 2013 and is a continuity of the performance « Lights Of » presented the year before.

This new creation is mixing for the first time traditional paint and light painting offering a new combination.

Since the beginning of their career, their art is totally improvised and inspired by the all things of life, of the world always in combination with the atmosphere of the venue where the performance take place. For this they used lot of things like live act painting, video, live industrial music, dance, light painting for a never before seen work, and they don’t hesitate if they feel the needs to include unexpected things they find here or somewhere.

Bettina John

Bettina John’s practice focuses on visualizing multiple identities using performance and performance design, video and photography. Her fascination with online accounts and profiles and the potential these alternative identities hold, led her to create several Alter Egos. Based on mega-cities stereotypes, her Alter Egos cover a wide range of personalities, that she believes are her alternative selves. By choosing to let them speak through Twitter and Blogs, performances and music, she explores what this potential could become and how real it is.

Her subjects revolve around the art of dressing and image making, the discrepancy between image and the real. With her background in fashion design and later assistance work with artist and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan she created the fundament for a critical discourse on fashion and the consumerist world and which role the image plays within that. Her studies of New Media Art at Goldsmiths University gave her yet another angle on the subject matter. She works as an artist and performance designer in the UK, Germany, Brazil and the US.

Thomas Douglas

Douglas provides a unique combination of sculpture and performance that culminates in a living sculpture. This provides communication between the artist and the viewer as well as the subject of his pieces, which is often the concept of the human form as an object.