Sean Dower is in residence at Beaconsfield with a drum kit and assorted instruments, taking advantage of the sound-proof acoustic space of the Arch to develop new work.

On Air exhibits a special collection of Dower’s sound-making tools with an exquisite recording of their acoustic properties.

“For the initial part of the residency, I wanted to explore afresh some of the instruments and materials I've gathered over the years and listen to them in relation to this amazing arch space. I worked and practiced drums in a railway arch for a number of years, I'm familiar with the acoustics and reverb of this kind of space and the sound and energy of the trains overhead. I've been spending days in the arch, listening and recording different sounds to see what works sonically in the space. Railway arches remind me of caves… For the public event on the 30th of January there is no performer, but the instruments and the sound are residual. Acoustic, live sound is obviously different to recorded or amplified sound, but there are many versions of 'liveness' or presence…

Dower is an artist best known for his striking live sound performances. From his work in Noise and Industrial music in the early 1980's to long-term participation in the now disbanded and legendary Bow Gamelan, Dower continues to work collaboratively with other percussionists such as Steve Noble and Richard Wilson.