Throughout March, Ben Uri gallery will be hosting an exhibition curated by Paddington Arts exploring the history of the Elimu Carnival band, formed in 1980 and based at Paddington Arts since 2001. Each year, Paddington Arts is home to the Elimu band members in the lead up to the carnival, while they plan, choreograph, rehearse, design and make costumes in preparation for the final performance at Notting Hill.

The exhibition will explore the history of the Elimu Carnival Band exploring themes such as Creativity and Family, as well as inviting band members and relatives to share their memories, photographs, and artefacts. Comprising of short films, photographs and archive material, as well as costumes and costume designs, the exhibition will be an archive of the band’s past whilst providing an overview of the history of the Notting Hill Carnival.

This exhibition will be accompanied by an education programme of film screenings and carnival arts workshops, taking place at both Ben Uri and Paddington Arts. For further information on the exhibition or any of the associated learning content please contact Edward Dickenson, Learning Officer (