Miami-based Producer, Tony Succar, has assembled some of the most acclaimed voices in Latin music for a unique project celebrating the legacy of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson will deliver an exclusive and distinctive musical experience. This album is a tantalizing fusion of Latin rhythms and sounds, bringing a vibrant tropical feel to Jackson's classic songs, while retaining their original essence and foundation.

Assembling more than 80 world-renowned musicians, this project is a fresh, innovative perspective on Michael's lifelong message of unity, synthesizing his fundamental vision into exceptional musical arrangements. Tito Nieves, India, Obie Bermúdez and Jennifer Peña are just a few of the exciting, superstar Latin artists who will contribute their vocal talents to honor one of the greatest artists of all time. Michael Stuart, Kevin Ceballo and Jan are among several of the new generation of participating singers inspired by the King of Pop .

This ground-breaking album promises an unparalleled experience, uniting musical cultures, while honoring the memory and fundamental message of Jackson's music and life. Through diversity, cooperative artistry, love, and respect, this project is sure to surprise and delight fans of all ages worldwide.

Tony Succar was born in Lima, Peru on May 18th , 1986. At the age of two he arrived to the States, residing in Miami, FL. Being surrounded by a family talented with the gift of music, Tony pursued his musical career when he was 13. “I was privileged to have been born into a family of musicians, I couldn’t be more grateful”, he explained.

Succar was inspired to begin his musical education on the piano and then moved on to percussion. Tony received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Performance from Florida International University in 2008 and his Master’s degree in 2010.

He has been privileged to work with artists such as Arturo Sandoval, Néstor Torres, Tito Puente Jr., Gilberto Santa Rosa, Oscar de Leon, Tito Nieves, La India, and Tito Rojas (among others). Growing up in Miami, a multi-cultural “Melting Pot”, has shaped him in many ways to become a versatile musician. Being exposed to so many diverse styles of music has blessed him to make the most of his talent.

Tony Succar is blessed to be well versed in a number of musical roles- as a percussionist, musician, producer, composer, and arranger. Whether in a timbales solo, an orchestration, or an explosive groove, Succar’s sound is clearly distinctive. He always manages to exceedingly accommodate for the interests of both the musicians and dancers. However, most importantly, Tony has always had the ability to entertain while foremost maintaining his musical integrity.

His compositions emphasize the combination of syncopation, harmonic curiosity, rhythmic uniformity, and tasteful melodies. Through his unique arrangements and charisma he is able to break the mold and create masterpieces that are enticing for all. Tony’s debut album (CD/DVD) , “Live at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center”, received excellent reviews from the media, stating “An exciting fusion of South America, Cuba, Jazz and South Beach flavor from an up and coming artist who will almost certainly be heard from more in the future.” - Jazz Chicago Reviews.

It has exceptional musical quality embodying 3 explosive arrangements of classic jazz songs: “Eye of the Hurricane”, “Adam’s Apple”, “Bensha Swing”. The album also includes Succar's original compositions entitled “Pa Oyichan”, “A Mi Manera” and “No Te Confundas”, performed all live by Tony Succar and his 13 piece band Mixtura.

This Young artist has been influenced by excellent artists like Tito Puente, Fania All-Strars, Irakere, Juan Luis Guerra, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Perú Negro, among others.Like them, Tony wants to impact the world with his music, growing with different styles. His goal is to compose music that attracts dancers and people who appreciate his music.

Tony Succar started creating the Unity Project in 2009, shortly after Michael Jackson passing. He has now completed the whole album and will be releasing this fall. Through UNITY “The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson”, Succar remerged fourteen of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits into Latin/Tropical Pop fusion. The bilingual renditions of these classic hits represent a unity of between American and Latin Culture.

Tony Succar has created The UNITY Project with an exceptional production team and featured artists. This project is not like anything that has ever been seen or heard. It is truly unique to the mind, ears and hearts of any audience. Michael Jackson’s music influenced Tony’s life and ignited his musical ideas and passion to an extraordinary level. As a result he has created an innovative sound that interconnects the elements of American Pop, Jazz, Salsa, and World Music into the enduring foundations of the King of Pop.

The mission for this project is to honor the legacy of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, by remaining true to his artistic essence, excellence, and music. Seeking the unification of all human beings; of hearts, talent, people and cultures. Foreseeing the imminent future, Unity’s goal is to ensure the imaginary barriers between people and countries are progressively diminished, allowing us to arise as one world, just as Michael envisioned.