I have already written about The Cultural Centre "PuNKt" and the exhibition that was held in the renovated space of the former House of the Army in Nikšić. Once again, Informal Group of Citizens (IGC) Tunjel and NGO Civis Diversus gathered young, creative people in one place to organize electronic music show called Orange Easter Party.

Old, abandoned ruin on the Easter night (11th April) lightened the street, and drove attention of many people. It was as if I was in Berlin at those techno parties in abandoned fabrics, buildings that had to be taken down. The feeling was really world-like if I may say so. And this description it’s not only mine. Many visitors had the same comment.

Inside the walls was the beat, and the beat lasted long and was mind blowing. Few DJ’s Aleksandar Gilić (Gilrez), Cule (Aleksandar Cuca), Vlado Marković from the collective Beat at Joes entertained the dancing crowd. Beat at Joes is one of the Montenegro’s most well-known DJ crews and it is made of five Montenegro’s most influential selectors: Vlado Marković, Aleksandar Cuca, Marko Stojovic, Aleksandar Gilić and Nikola Dobričanin. Representing the very best in house, funk, disco, electro, techno and drum & bass, since 2007. They have played at every major Montenegrin festival and are residents at Distrcit club in Podgorica. Beside them the rhythm also showed DJ Serhi from Nikšić’s DJ team Groove Aliance. Serhi performed at Sea Dance Festival, Refresh Festival. They played tunes from 9 pm when happening started, until 2 am.

Surprised and delighted party lovers from Podgorica came with organized buses, so the happening was not only local. Good vibrations, free, uncontrolled dancing, good looking girls, promoters of main sponsor Jaeger drink, everything was like on the pictures, or commercials for festivals, clubs. The 3D animations, lightening effects turned the event into multimedia spectacle. Amazing building embraced the music and the cheerful spirit and all together turned out great. The idea to convert the ruin into the dance club was just the thing that the town needed. For years young ones considered that the House of Army should be a great place for fun, and now finally it happened. Slowly, but surely this place is PUNKt(ed). Milena Gezović, one of the organizators from IGC ”Tunjel” said that plans for future activities are still uncertain, but we can soon expect many other activities.