Christmas movies have always been popular among film lovers. Thus, the reason movie industry all across the globe never fail to come up with such themed presentation. One month from now and it’s Christmas once again! It’s the most awaited time for many families and friends. Time for catching up on one another. It’s time for a movie marathon, too.

While I eagerly await the showing of Office Christmas Party, I can’t help but reminisce the good old Christmas movies I have watched. There are countless of them. But there are just some that seem to be indelible in my mind up to this time, such as these ones. I assure you they are worth watching over again. Aside from the entertainment, these movies also impart some important lessons.

So, if you don’t plan on going somewhere else for the Christmas holidays, I suggest you watch these films. Watching movies together with your family and loved ones is a great bonding activity.

Elf (2003)

This a story of Buddy, an infant at an orphanage who sneaked into Santa’s sack. He was inadvertently brought to the North Pole and was raised there by the elves. Buddy grew up believing he was one of the little people. But he discovered later on that he was bigger than the rest.

Buddy was sent back to New York City to find his biological father, Walter Hobbs. And this is where the conflict sets in. Hobbs, who was on Santa’s naughty list, was not aware he had a child in Buddy. The latter was given up for adoption by his mother without Hobbs knowing it.

The first encounter between father and son was not easy. Buddy had difficulty acclimating to the customs of the human world. Several mishaps and gaffes happened along the way. But through all these, the comedy film pulled off a beautiful presentation.

A Christmas Story (1983)

Although the film contains 5 different short stories, its main plot focuses on a 9-year-old boy who wants only one thing for Christmas. Ralphie Parker wishes for a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. But his mother, his teacher, and even the Santa Claus at a department store did not approve of his wish for a common reason.

A Christmas Story teaches us at least one lesson: that family is what matters most through thick and thin. This holiday classic further tells us that Christmas is more than just having a fabulous dinner.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

Where were you when this Christmas comedy-drama film came on? Perhaps, you were not yet born during this period. But it’s worth watching again on DVD. And I assure you, this old black and white movie has its own charm of captivating your heart.

As adults, we should not stop children from believing in Santa Claus. After all, this stage of fantasy will eventually wear off naturally as they grow older. Miracle on 34th Street tells us that there’s actually something magical to dreaming.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Now that you have shaken off the spooky Halloween feeling, let’s go to the happy land of Christmas Town. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a musical fantasy movie about the adventure of a skeleton. Jack Skellington grows weary over the same Halloween routine that he is involved in year after year. And so he wanders into the woods. He found himself opening the door to Christmas Town. Impressed by the festive mood of the place, Jack goes back to Halloween Town and tries to introduce the concept similar to what he saw.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is, indeed, a beautiful movie to watch during the Christmas holidays. It teaches us that we can choose to be joyful even when we are in a miserable situation. It’s a choice to be happy.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

I was not yet born when this film was made. But thanks to modern technology, I was fortunate to watch the classic It’s a Wonderful Life on DVD. Film critics were right when they say it’s one of the most inspiring and most beloved Christmas films of all time.

It’s a Wonderful Life is about a man who gave up his dreams so he can help others. It teaches us that whether we believe in angels or not, everything happens for a reason. The fantasy drama stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a kind and responsible man who becomes suicidal.

White Christmas (1954)

You will surely love this musical romantic comedy film. What with Bing Crosby, as Captain Bob Wallace, on the lead! White Christmas is set in a Vermont ski lodge. Bob and his partner Private Phil Davis stage a variety show to help save the struggling lodge, which is owned by their old wartime commander, General Waverly (Dean Jagger).

As the plot unfolds, you will be entertained with great songs and gentle humor. And beyond the cheerful mood that it projects all throughout, White Christmas shows us the essence of camaraderie.

Home Alone (1990)

Do you still remember Kevin McCallister? He’s the mischievous cheek-slapping boy who was inadvertently left behind when his family flew to Paris for the Christmas holidays. Instead of sulking in a corner, he turns his sorrow of being alone into joy and fun. The eight-year-old kid also has to learn to protect his house from two burglars while his family is away.

You will love the funny plot of Home Alone. Watch it with your kids and loved ones.

Gremlins (1984)

This is a comedy movie with a faint hint of horror. But older kids will surely love the story and the production itself. After all, the film’s director, Joe Dante, is creative enough to intelligently maneuver the story so as to tone down the scary scenes.

Gremlins is about a young man who gets a furry and unusual Christmas present called a mogwai. Billy, the new pet owner, is warned that in raising a mogwai, he must abide by three important rules. His father, who names the pet Gizmo, instructs him never to expose the animal to bright lights or sunlight, keep it from getting wet, and not to feed it after midnight.

Billy, however, inadvertently breaks these rules. Gizmo spawned other creatures that unleash tonnes of malevolent acts in a small community. Watch this movie and you will love the cute Gizmo. Parental guidance is required for the young audience, though.

Die Hard (1988)

A New York police detective, John McClane (played by Bruce Willis), is set to reconcile with his estranged wife on Christmas Eve when a call of duty comes in. One of the hostages in the terrorist act is McClane’s wife. Committed to his profession, McClane is forced to forego personal and family affairs for the better of many.

Your heart might melt when the innocent child asks, “Is daddy coming home soon?” This scene actually hits home. Many real life families, especially for those whose members are into public service, have to deal with a similar situation. Die Hard gives us the inspiration to be selfless. After all, the life we save may be that of our own kin.

A Christmas Carol (2009)

A Christmas Carol is a 3D computer-animated fantasy film. It’s about a wicked old money-lender named Scrooge. On Christmas Eve, a ghost of his former business partner visited him. It warns Scrooge to repent of his cruel ways. Otherwise, he will be condemned in the afterlife.

Although A Christmas Carol is filled with a spectacular visual display, parental guidance is required for the young viewers. The film features some scary scenes. But generally, the classic tale shows us the essence of hope, love, and redemption.

Enjoy the movies and have a joyful Christmas, everyone!