We’ve all dreamed about it. The day the stars align and you find yourself face to face with your celebrity crush. Someway, somehow, your paths cross and you know exactly what to say and do. You envision the autograph, the selfie, and the best-case scenario of your star falling madly in love with you and whisking you away to a life of glamour and adventure.

As I write these words, I am still in a bit of shock that I recently met my celebrity crush. Through a combination of hard work and good luck, my path crossed with actor Chris Hemsworth on January 6, 2018, at The London West Hollywood Hotel in California.

The Stars Aligned

Let’s first rewind to December 2017. I was in Australia for the first time, visiting friends and enjoying the beautiful beaches and summer weather. Nearly everywhere we went, were posters and billboards of Chris Hemsworth modeling watches. My Australian friend informed me that the Aussies call him “Hemsy,” and my American friend informed me that he was her future husband. We repeatedly joked about meeting him, sparking laughs and “what if” conversations.

So now, imagine my elation when I received a work assignment to travel to Hollywood as a guest of Warner Bros. Pictures! I was to screen Chris Hemsworth’s latest film “12 Strong,” and participate in a press junket and intimate roundtable discussion with my top leading man.

Funny enough, I botched my first attempt at meeting Chris. At the conclusion of the first event - the press junket - I witnessed others rushing the front of the room for handshakes, selfies and autographs. I grabbed my phone, accidentally turning on Pandora, and was surprised when a Pitbull song began blasting from my hand. I quickly fumbled with my phone, closed the music app, turned on my camera, and walked toward Chris. He was surrounded by women wanting selfies, and as I looked down, my phone unexpectedly shut off. I immediately turned it back on, waiting impatiently, as a nun beat me to a selfie with him. While silently cursing my decision to not buy the more expensive phone, Chris swiftly exited the room.

I wasn’t thrilled at how that had all just played out, but I told myself, “You have one chance remaining - the roundtable interview.” I wouldn’t allow failure to be an option.


I was the first of ten bloggers to enter the room. Before us was a round table and I chose the seat nearest the door, so that I could be the first to greet him as he walked in. From there, it resembled a game of roulette - which chair would be for Chris? Once the others settled in, I gazed at the empty chair at my 2 o’clock. That would work.

After a series of deep breaths and positive self-talk (“He’ll be just as delighted to meet you as you are him”), I saw the ladies’ faces across the table light up. I turned around and there he was - Chris Hemsworth - tall, handsome and well-dressed, entering the room.

Out of instinct and Southern manners, I instantly rose to my feet, ready to greet and potentially shake his hand. He surprisedly and politely smiled, waved and said “Hello.” I became aware that I was the only blogger standing. I asked, “Do we stand? Is anyone else standing? No?” Chris made a funny bowing gesture, as to which I replied with a quick, joking curtsey, that resulted in a much-needed laugh from the room. I sat down, realizing that without intention, I just provided the icebreaker.

It was in that moment that I realized that if this has been a romantic comedy, that act alone would foreshadow that I’d be the adorable love interest. But I digress…

Chris had a charming smile and when he spoke, he was thoughtful, articulate and intelligent. The 11-minute session was brief, with everyone vying for a chance to ask their question. I wasn’t able to make any of the inquiries I had prepped, other than a casual, “Did you read the book?” He looked at me, smiled and replied, “Yes.” Oops, I suppose that was my one question.

Embracing My Chance

At the conclusion of the interview, I had the opportunity to take a photo with Chris. This time I ensured that my camera was on and my music was off. I knew my moment was rapidly approaching and I decided to shoot for the moon. Why just take a photo when I could also request a video?

As he is Australian and I hail from the Southern U.S., I walked up and asked, “Can you please say ‘G’day y’all?” This combination phrase had been used by my Australian friends who, for a while, lived in my hometown of Tallahassee, FL. I knew these words would make the perfect gift for my friends who were dreaming “what if” scenarios with me, just the month before. Chris agreed, nailed it, and we came up with this incredible video. He then took a fantastic photo of the two of us, and I made sure to lean in close and take full advantage of the moment.

Although a nervous energy coursed through my body, I let my light shine and treated him as an old friend.

When my time was up, I thanked him, stepped aside, and took notice of my shaking hands and pounding heart. I did it. I just met my celebrity crush and I crushed it with a mix of professionalism and playfulness. Chris Hemsworth was every bit as wonderful in person as I hoped he’d be, and I made him laugh. What more could I ask for?