Colm Dillane, aka KidSuper recently reached over 3.5 million people worldwide with Russ’ music video for Cherry Hill, both directed and fully constructed by Dillane. On Canal, Kidsuper will feature a life-size recreation of the claymation stage featured in the beloved Cherry Hill video. Visitors are able to see the stage activated live through daily open mic and comedy events for the duration of the installation. Dillane recently had a sold out debut solo art exhibition at Gallery 151 in Chelsea curated by Wallplay. Open Mic is a celebration of the raw energy that KidSuper Studios is known for---bringing his Williamsburg basement center stage On Canal, or as he likes to call it “the Apollo of the streets.”

Colm Dillane is the multimedia artist & entertainer behind KidSuper, a hybrid art brand with a storefront and studio HQ in Williamsburg. His fashion brand has been worn and endorsed by many of the top musicians and creatives of today. The idea of KidSuper was created from the desire to dream big and rediscover the wonderment of being a kid. The concept stems from those childhood memories of running around in only underwear with a homemade cape, convinced that you had superpowers with nothing or no one who could tell you otherwise. Recapturing this magic and re-exploring the kid in all of us, KidSuper’s mission is to remind the world that anything is possible.

Wallplay is an experiential arts & innovation network that operates & programs empty retail spaces. Founded in 2013 on the Lower East Side at 118 Orchard, with art billboards and a two-floor popup space, Wallplay pioneered a unique 50-50 business model. The company is able to provide subsidized space for at least 50% of its annual use to creative projects, social impact startups, and curators by hosting commercial projects & pop-ups that allow Wallplay to dedicate resources to original programming. In the process of becoming a certified B-Corp, Wallplay’s mission is to repurpose vacant spaces around the world and utilize them for public good. Wallplay operates these vacant spaces until landlords secure permanent tenants. Their platform, which showcases creative projects, enables property owners & brands to become patrons of culture. Wallplay provides access to leading creative entrepreneurs, startups, arts organizations, storytellers and thought leaders for experiential projects that push culture forward. For the past five years, the company has been turning storefronts into playgrounds for new ideas.