During the 2013–14 season, The Drawing Center will introduce its Performance Series, three commissioned performances that showcase important intersections between performance, time-based practices, and drawing. The first is the world premiere of Susan Hefuna and Luca Veggetti: Notationotations, a first-time collaboration between renowned multimedia artist Susan Hefuna (b. Germany, 1962) and contemporary choreographer Luca Veggetti (b. Italy, 1963). This piece posits that if a line is the trace of a point in motion, then the human body moving through space is also a drawing inserted into the four-dimensional space of the observed world. Staged over three nights, Notationotations opens and closes with Hefuna’s New York City Crossroads, a new video installation of a bustling lower Manhattan intersection. On the gallery floor Hefuna will execute an expansive web of chalk lines, her actions also captured on film and screened while Veggetti’s dancers gradually erase the drawn surface through their repetitive, physical gestures. Hefuna’s multilayered, ink-on-tracing-paper abstractions and documentation of the live performance will be on display in the lobby. Produced by Brett Littman, Executive Director and Joanna Kleinberg Romanow, Assistant Curator.

Susan Hefuna (b. 1962, Germany) was raised in both Germany and Egypt. Her diverse body of work includes drawing, photography, video, performance, and sculpture. Informed by her dual-heritage, Hefuna’s art explores multiple definitions of identity that challenge conventional notions of nationality and heritage. Hefuna received the Contemporary Drawing Prize of the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Art Foundation in 2013.

Luca Veggetti (b. 1963, Bologna, Italy) trained as a dancer at La Scala, Milan and began working as a choreographer and stage director in 1990. Since then Veggetti has participated in The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Works & Process series, and he has worked with the Martha Graham Dance Company and Cedar Lake in New York. Veggetti was the first resident artistic director of Morphoses for its 2011 season.

The dancers participating in this performance will be PeiJu Chien-Pott, a soloist from the Martha Graham Dance Company, Gabrielle Lamb, and Yusha Sorzano.