Riffioso is a hotly tipped producer with an orchestral, cinematic production style that is getting him noticed by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Devlin and SBTV. He has also invented a new craze called Reflixing – which is where you remix a song and then reinvent the video too. We caught up with him and asked him about the soundtrack to his beautiful mind…

1. Riffioso, where are you from and how did you get into music?
I’ve been doing music production for years. It’s just something I stumbled into. I wasn’t from a musical background; it wasn’t until my dad gave me this disc one day that created different sounds, that I spent hours on this sound machine. These sound machines have grown and evolved and it’s grown with me. Wanted t explores what’s possible. While universe that’s possible inside this technology. How this power affects people and how it inspires people. I find it fascinating. I think I’m a natural explorer – I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.

2. Your symphonic style of production is getting a lot of attention at the moment - tell us about it?
It’s great. It’s an idea that I wanted to do it. It was just something tat no one else is really doing it and it seemed to be coming naturally to me too. It’s great to do something that is unique – it’s crazy and propels me to go further with it. It’s just expanding other ideas what I want to do in life. It’s really empowering and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. I wonder what I could do if I could take it all over the world. I’ve done a lot of pop music before and I didn’t enjoy it, as it’s not fulfilling.

3. Who are you working with right now?
The main person is Ashley Ashley. She’s been working closely with me to work on her debut LP. She has a very experimental sound; she uses soul, rock and Electro. We compliment each other. It’s still in the pre-launch stage, but this is my main collaboration.
I’ve done a lot of remixes in the past, so this is original fresh music. Hopefully it will have fresh legs and all that; we could make a soundtrack, which is a big inspiration for me. It’s the power of the song; at a festival you can feel the power of the song when everyone knows it.

4. You seem to have invented a craze called a Reflix, how did this come about?
Riffioso: The idea came first that a song can exist in a different form. You get remixes that change into something else, this is a little bit different. It’s like going back into that original recording session turned around and said I want to make my song a little bit dirtier. You take the same track and same song but you tart it up – you throw more distorted sounds on it. It’s like an alternative original track.

5. Why is it important to create new video for a track?
People listen to things a lot of the time with their eyes. You need something different to keep people entertained and to keep it fresh I suppose.

6. What's next for you?
I have an EP coming out with Ashley, and then I have a mix tape coming out and I’m trying to bring people into my sound. I am using my favourite songs that inspire me and fuse it together in a remix. It will let a few people know what I’m about – I think a few people think ‘m a rogue at the minute. I need to open people up and say it’s not really done before and I will hopefully inspire them. My album is also going to come out which is my own material with other artist. It’s going to be like a cover ep as well. I have so many ideas but I have to get them out in order, that’s the problem!

7. What has been your proudest moment?
I guess its Devlin did a remix competition and I took his vocal and made it a soundtrack piece. A few days later I got a call from the BBC and I got a call saying that I won. It was magical. It would really easy to just use a formula, but I like to feel like a pioneer. It just spurs me on to want to do more and more.