Passion, specialization and experimentation are the basis on which rests the story of Duelle, a company founded in 1985 as a lab packs in knit fabric, evolved into a leading partner for Italian brands of fashion industry. Experience has led to the birth of a brand: Capobianco.

An exhibition of professional progressive steps have led Duelle not only to support fashion brands of first magnitude in the Italian and international market, but also to produce an own brand - Capobianco - which encompasses craftsmanship, quality materials, attention to detail, workmanship and treatments, always emblems of "made in Italy". "Made in Italy" that Capobianco wanted to decline with "made with love", to emphasize love and attention typically Italian in the realization of a garment: from sketch to production, through the stages of packaging and refinement final round, everything speaks the language of style, which elects the selected materials (cashmere and precoius cotton above all) to his inspirations. Inspiration that Capobianco draws from the processing of knitted fabrics. Jersey, fleece and piquet represent a canvas on which design garments timelessly which define and riding the fashions, never losing their contemporaneity. The “fil rouge” between "yesterday" and "today" is entrusted to garments which make use modern processes and treatments in order to reinterpret its "classic". The result are collections passepartout without season which carve out a niche in the dressing daily.

"From the beginning, marked by the work with historians brands in the production of fleece and jersey items, up to now - explains Marco Lorenzi, owner of Capobianco - the road traveled has been long. Although the results are certainly satisfactory, we know that there are other objectives to be achieved with persistence and perseverance. The ability to collaborate with some of the most prominent brands of Italian luxury-fashion universe is a source of pride, but also a stimulus to continued improvement. The birth of Capobianco goes in this direction and represents the realization of a dream that I could achieve thanks to the professionalism of the my entire staff. The garments which make up the collections give voice to a personal passion for everything that is comfortable and naturally elegant without being excessive. A garment is timeless when can pass from father to son without losing appeal and contemporary. That's why the choice of materials of construction and the study of model are essential, as other attentions are important: labels and hand-sewn hems, trims and details cashmere zip and button on the semi-applied after treatment, choice of cotton value for the interior ... Capobianco believes that details define the value of a product".

Armed with this knowledge and the value of its collections, after 3 years of its market introduction, in 2011 Capobianco lands at “Pitti Immagine Uomo” and “Designer Collectives” of New York, extending its prospects across the border. "The ambitions for the future speak the language of internationalization through the opening of our distribution to countries like Spain, Germany, Japan and USA.The confirmation of our presence at the next “Pitti Immagine Uomo” and “Designer Collectives” are other goals. In 5 years we would also like to open a Capobianco space. For the company is also important to forge partnerships with universities fashion- centered: initiatives and projects with the tomorrow designers are a must for us. Putting into circulation the ideas and invest in creatività are the foundations of our philosophy of style and the basis to grow".