Norman Parkinson: Always in Fashion

6 Nov — 7 Dec 2014 at Proud Chelsea Gallery in London, United Kingdom

29 OCTOBER 2014
Jerry Hall, Russia, Vogue, 1975, © Norman Parkinson Ltd / Courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive
Jerry Hall, Russia, Vogue, 1975, © Norman Parkinson Ltd / Courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive

Proud Chelsea is delighted to present Norman Parkinson: Always in Fashion; an exquisite selection of images celebrating the innovative genius of photographer Norman Parkinson. This daring collection of photographs offers an intriguing insight into the creative mind of the man who transformed fashion photography through his idiosyncratic style and rigorous aesthetic.

Quintessentially British, Norman Parkinson's pioneering career spanned a remarkable 56 years. Turning his back on the stiff formality that had dominated pre-war fashion photography, he took women out into the real world to long-haul exotic locations at a time when air travel was in its infancy, combining enchanting and alluring glamour with his witty eye.

The exhibition charts the transformation from women wearing dungarees and uniformed utility suits at cattle auctions, picking fruit or checking milk quotas to carefully cultivated shoots where Parkinson took the models to breath taking destinations, creating an expansive narrative with the use of unexpected props and unusual juxtapositions. From the hidden country lanes of England to the rich and exotic landscape of India, Parkinson's talents found their fullest expression and this collection of bold portraits conveys a pivotal movement in fashion photography. His work was picked up by leading fashion bibles Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, generating world-wide recognition, ensuring him a well-deserved place at the forefront of the photography world.

Proud Chelsea is thrilled to bring you Always in Fashion, a lavish portrait of Parkinson's long career. From World War II utilitarian fashion features to his spontaneous shots of the Swinging sixties to the sumptuous images he produced in the 1970s and 1980s for Town & Country, this unique collection includes signed, vintage and modern estate stamp prints and offers an inspiring overview of Parkinson’s impressive career.