Gallery S O London is delighted to present Armillaria, an exhibition of cast vessels and jewellery by goldsmith and artist Peter Bauhuis.

Bauhuis is fascinated by the possibilities presented by cast metals and in this exhibition the casting process becomes a metaphor for fungi. Armillaria, also called honey fungus, shimmers in various shades of brown and gold. In the dark, it can glow with a cold, ghostly light. These hues and tones are depicted with the use of simultaneous pouring of different alloys achieving unexpected colours from matt white and a pale greenyyellow to deep copper orange and burnt umber.

Bauhuis has been captivated with the malleable form of fungi as his "Blob Rings“ and "Blob Chains“ would attest, but here it is the mycelium, the unseen roots of the fungi, that affords us greater insight into his work.

In Armillaria Bauhuis finds ways to make the unseen visible, to connect the dots between a blue print of potential life forms and materialised ones. By exposing the parallel outcomes of a piece: the casting sprews, the off casts and even objects and images leading to it, Bauhuis creates an opportunity for the viewer to see through the eyes of an alchemist in his laboratory, deducting something of value from every possible consequence of his investigation. It is curiosity which has the upper hand in this practice, and which cheerfully triumphs over the question of outcome.