Norte Maar in collaboration with the artist Andrea Bergart presents “Jewel: an exhibition of the extraordinary, lustrous, and ornamental.”

At no other time in our contemporary history have the boundaries between art, craft and design been more obsolete than now. Fashion is the reigning power of our time, and it alone has come to define all else. We fetishize the new, the extraordinary, the lustrous, and the ornamental.

Jewelry in particular has taken on an eclecticism magnified by the creative uniqueness of its maker. Artist Andrea Bergart, whose own vibrant work responds at the speed of the contemporary world, has selected a roster of ambitious, innovative, and lively artists whose work expands definitions, escapes classifications and introduces a fresh new way of seeing.

Andrea Bergart

Andrea Bergart graduated from the Boston University with an MFA in Painting in 2008. Since then, she’s produced a vibrant body of work both on the canvas and on the streets. Most recently she has been painting the barrels of cement trucks in Brooklyn, creating dynamic murals that move across the city.

Norte Maar

Norte Maar for Collaborative Projects in the Arts creates, promotes and presents collaborations in the disciplines of visual, literary, and the performing arts: connecting visual artists, choreographers, composers, writers and other originating artists with venues and each other.