Erarta Museum of contemporary art presents in a solo exhibition by the world's only hat expert haute couture. “Philip Treacy: Hats in the 21st Century” is the largest exhibition by the famous designer over the last 25 years and exhibited in a New Wing of the museum. Due to a huge interest for this project Erarta prolongs the exhibition till April, 12.

The master’s imagination is absolutely limitless, and this will be proved at the exhibition, arranged specifically for the Russian connoisseurs of haute couture. The project includes more than one hundred unique hats belonging to monarchs and celebrities. A flower, a swan, a bird cage, a head of a horse, a carousel, a plate, a lobster, a butterfly, a ship, a spiral, a horn, a telephone, wood, a wrist... Philip Treacy constantly experiments with palettes and shapes, using for his works feathers, artificial and natural flowers, various plants, plastic, metal, fur, textile, electrical devices and so on.

His clients are world royals, including the ruling dynasty of the UK; Hollywood celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker; pop stars, including Madonna; successful businessmen and the world's leading fashion houses, such as Chanel, Givenchy, and Umbro. Now you can see these brilliant art pieces by the legendary hat designer at Erarta Museum.

Along with the hats, the exhibition features videos from fashion shows and events since 1995. Some of these videos have never been shown to the public, being a part of Philip Treacy’s private collection. In the museum bookstore on the 1st floor one can also buy a catalog of the exhibition and a unique book of photographs by the only photographer, allowed to the master’s workshop, Kevin Davis; each book is personally signed by the great designer.