Art Harvest No. 5

25 Jul — 8 Oct 2015 at Nancy Toomey Fine Art in San Francisco, United States

13 AUGUST 2015
Exhibition preparation
Exhibition preparation

The Sonoma House at Patz & Hall has partnered with Luxe Interiors + Design magazine for the past year to bring exclusive exhibitions of artists to wine country. These quarterly art exhibits feature both emerging and established artists, and are a rare extension of the current art world into Sonoma County. The Sonoma House is just a few miles south of the Sonoma town square, located near the Highway 12 corridor.

“The exhibits presented during Art Harvest have been wonderfully received by the community, and we’re excited to conclude the series with these two very talented artists,” said Heather Patz, a founding partner at Patz & Hall. “Yvette’s and Jeff’s art blends together perfectly to create a warm, thoughtful and visually fascinating atmosphere at The Sonoma House where our guests can enjoy our wines and all of our tasting experiences.”

Gellis, a Los Angeles-based painter, combines a fascination with architectural spaces and once-celebrated buildings, with a highly expressive and ambitious abstraction. Her work plays out viscerally onto the canvas, as Gellis uses a variety of mediums—acrylic, pencil, oil and charcoal, for instance—to create pure abstract paintings that immediately and emotionally impact the viewer. Precisely structured lines and images coincide with graffiti like explosions of crayon and charcoal, depicting exaggerated perspectives contrasted with softly hued, nebulous spaces. Gellis has exhibited extensively nationally and abroad, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Foundation Tenot and UNESCO award in 2014. She recently completed an artist residency at CAMAC Marnay-sur-Seine, France, which was the source and inspiration for this body of work.

Long, who is a Bay Area resident, fuses elements of modernist design and motifs of tribal art in his paintings. Now in his fifth decade as an artist, Long has created a body of work characterized by the distillation of landscape, votive traditions from various cultures, tribal design elements and modernist motifs. Long’s art expresses humanity’s impulse to connect the optical sense with a feeling for the wholeness of the world. His work has been displayed in public collections at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Oakland Museum, and the US Embassy in the Philippines, among numerous other locations.