Today we interview the young photographer Sebastian Sabal-Bruce, who is truly becoming one of the new talents in the growing Fashion industry with his very particular style in fashion.

WSI: Where are you from and based at the moment?
SSB: I was born in Chile and I'm now based in Barcelona and working between Paris and Milan.

WSI: How and why did you start taking photos?
SSB: My father was a photographer, and my mother was into painting, so I think the mixture of both influences gave me the sensibility to start developing an eye for creating images.

WSI: Can you name moments in life that led you to work with fashion photography?
SSB: When I was 16, I stole my dad’s camera and made my first shooting on my girlfriend. Then after a while I realized that the camera wasn't with a film in it, so there is no trace of my first shooting. Anyway was more about the excitement while doing it than the result what really started something in me to keep experimenting.

WSI: Was it always something you knew and you wanted to do?
SSB: After graduating in fine arts and theatre, my mind was like those wheels with teethes inside the clocks but with nothing to engage with, just spinning, so I needed a fast way to express my creativity and the ideas I had. I tasted other disciplines like directing, I was very into cinema also. Then in Spain I start doing art photography and exhibiting my work in galleries. After all that I spend a season in NYC, there I had the opportunity to assist a fashion photographer. I started to realize it might be what I was looking for. I felt that with fashion I could play more, a different rhythm , it was so diverse, a new project every week.

WSI: We all know that these days, fashion its a very big industry. What excites you or annoys you more about this business?
SSB: I consider fashion a very dynamic art form with many branches. Even some models are somehow an art piece theirselves and you can re-interpret them with your own vision, that's fascinating. In the other hand, there is still an other side, that for me is not so easy to deal with; when in some point that art has to be balanced with marketing for example, or when the client wants to copy some other campaign. Also the fact that we are immerse in an industry where the opportunities are some times more related with "knowing the right people" than talent.

WSI: How would you describe your style in photography, how do you feel you found it?
SSB: I'm not the right one for saying "which is my style" I just know what I like and make sense for me, and that is always telling a story, portraits emotionally loaded and with something going on. I have a very strong influence of cinema, also the photos of the supermodels in the 80-90's by Peter Lindbergh. Pictures that show less a particular type off woman than a particular attitude, going beyond external appearance, lets say self-confidence.

WSI: You have a very particular style... Can you talk a about it and some of your influences?
SSB: I don’t think I'm the right person to describe my style, I leave that to the observer. I just know what I like and what makes sense to me. I'm a product of my experience and circumstances, I grew up in the late 80's with all the music videos and movies from the time that definitely influenced me a lot. Peter Lindbergh and those pictures of "supermodels" he took. They show less a particular type of women than a particular attitude, something going beyond external appearance, more self-confidence.

WSI: Any up coming projects than you can tell?
SSB: Yes, 2013 its coming very loaded with new ideas and publications. And the most important, with more travels to different cities, its important to keep moving and meeting new people that can complement your project and vision.

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Text by Carletto Alberto Chilet Davanzo