In 2016, to celebrate the 650th year of gold- and silversmiths, the Bundesinnung der Kunsthandwerke [Federal guild of arts and crafts] launched the competition The Young and Wild Ones. Dedicated to apprentice craftspeople, this prize will continue to be awarded in the future.

The Young and Wild Ones is intended to demonstrate, pay tribute to, and encourage the creative and craft potential of the next generation of Austrian goldsmiths. Achieving a symbiosis of artistic elegance and artisanal ingenuity is the foundation of “the pursuit of goldsmithery.” The prerequisite for our craft’s continued existence is the ability to express emotions, beliefs, and opinions in a piece of jewelry. In this sense, this show is the beginning of a development that we are watching with bated breath. Wolfgang Hufnagl, State Guild Director

A cooperation between the Landesinnung Wien der Kunsthandwerke and the MAK.