A collaboration between artists, models and activists, EVES celebrates creative alchemy: the coming together of multiple talents, as in a theatrical production, to produce a work of art greater than its parts.

Parisian sculptor Jacques Jarrige–widely known for his sinuous furniture and sculptures–here turns his hand to jewelry, with a collection of calligraphic necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and headpieces made of hammered brass, gold-plated brass and silver.

Inspired by these wearable sculptures, Brazilian photographer Alex Korolkovas has gone a step further, calling upon three dynamic women to help him create a series of photographs that not only celebrate Jarrige’s jewelry, but also reexamine our preconceptions about Beauty.

Korolkovas explains: “Valerie and Jacques gave me total freedom of expression, which is rare. And the models provided an energy, and connection with Jacques’ work, that was full of artistic vibes.” Jarrige elaborates: “I love when arts combine to form bridges. The title, EVES, was chosen for this reason–in the Bible, the figure of Eve represents how creation was achieved by the coming together of two people. The photographs also show how my pieces become one with the body, like physical attributes.”

Korolkovas’ muses are Lara Gerin, a Brazilian model and stylist; Mari Malek, the founder of Stand For Education, an organization seeking to empower underprivileged children through education and arts with special focus on girls as well as building schools in South Sudan; and Diandra Forrest, an ambassador for Salif Keita’s Global Foundation, an international network dedicated to raising awareness about albinism and its associated issues, including health concerns, negative stereotypes and cultural prejudices that lead to discrimination, persecution and even infanticide.

The exhibit opens on November 13, with a reception from 5 - 9 PM. Refreshments will be served, and guests will have an opportunity to meet the artists and models. At 7 PM, there will be a panel discussion, including a dialogue between the participating talents, and presentations by Malek and Forrest to introduce their respective organizations, Stand For Education, Inc and Salif Keita’s Global Foundation.

A portion of sales of Jarrige’s jewelry and Korolkovas’ photographs will benefit the two organizations. The exhibit runs until January 22, 2019.