Every season fashion designers create new looks with innovative and original clothes and accessories; however, when it comes to handbags and purses, leather seems to remain in vogue because a classic. A number of great selections of stylish items for every style and taste are available to the public; however, trends among the designs and styles keep varying.

Major design labels have emerged with new collections for leather handbags, for work as well as for the casual look. The designers have gone back to elegance and feminine style.

Fashion designer Valextra has presented vintage leather accessories by classic forms, but contrasted with autumn colors, such as red, brown, brick-red, and warm red.

In a new Rochas’ fashion collection vintage style also prevails; while Valentino’s square leather handbags with long handles, are the base of his autumn accessory collection. Numerous designers have used a mixture of elegant black, beige, and fair colors with incredibly elegant design for their handbags.

Chanel fashion designer has also chosen classic black and white colors for her fashionable purses; all Chanel handbags are distinguished by the beautiful Chanel logo that decorates all their authentic accessories and always catches the buyer’s attention. Rare and old types of leather purses and handbags are used in important handbag fashion collections.

Crocodile, snake, and ostrich leather are top fashion; new technologies along with exclusive beauty of these leather types make leather handbag designers in great demand. Such items can be worn at work and when out in the evening; because versatile, they will look great in all occasions.

The latest Ralph Lauren clutch handbags made from crocodile leather, have golden buckles. These handbags are ideal for parties and special events; while Bottega Veneta clutches are created from crocodile skin and attract attention with bright emerald green color.

Hermes has also presented a new leather handbag collection; the clutches are squared, and the colors used are green, lilac, plum, and dark-blue. In the autumn accessory collections of many famous fashion Houses, such as Versace, Gucci, Burberry, made form exotic leather, may be seen. Alligator and snake leather are beautiful themselves; that is why mostly classic black and white colors are chosen for such designer handbags. However, some designers prefer to decorate their handbags with leather print that make them look original and luxurious.

Military style accessories are in vogue as well. In nearly all accessories collection, military style decorations can be found. For instance, elegant Mulberry designer leather handbags also have military style components.

To sum it up, trends come and go; the styles change as well as the colors and the shapes. But, among all the changes, leather holds the spotlight when it comes to handbags and purses fashion. Leather is chic, leather is classic, leather is elegant. But not everything is for everyone; consumers should, in fact, try to find their own style and accessory that will emphasize and accentuate their personality and taste.